4units 15w FU-15B FM Transmitter with circular antenna with 30m coaxial cable with power supply kit

Posted at 2017-9-26 by Sky

Custom make one unit SDA-15B transmitter make customer brand in the LCD SOFTWARE the 1st screen, when its ON, write FMT-15w , PT Giant Communication custom made

Posted at 2017-9-7 by Sky

15w DIY FM Transmitter PCB KIT ship with DHL

Posted at 2013-12-18 by Sky

I am very sorry that we can not give you 20% off, the max discount is 15% off, so the total will be 7Units total is 1385USD * 7 = 9695USD We can give you 15% of

Posted at 2013-6-13 by Sky

== Download DIY 5W FM Transmitter KIT diagram manual == == Download DIY 5W FM Transmitter KIT diagram manual ==

Posted at 2013-4-27 by Sky

DVB-T 15w Analog TV 25W RF Power amplifier 470-860MHz The board use One teeth MRF6V3090NR1 is designed for broadband commercial and industrial 470 - 860MHz fr

Posted at 2013-3-11 by Sky

One 15w FM Transmitter and power supply

Posted at 2012-7-27 by Sky

If you do not need antenna and would like a power supply with the unit, the price is 98usd total including shipping cost.

Posted at 2012-1-31 by Sky

15w SDA-15B FM Transmitter with GP100 Antenna with power supply KIT including DHL shipping cost 235USD + 3 years warranty for extra money 29USD

Posted at 2012-7-17 by Sky

2pcs 15watt FM transmitter

Posted at 2011-9-26 by Sky

Wholesale 10pcs 15w FM stereo PLL broadcast radiotransmitter 88MHz - 108MHz including DHL EMS shipping cost Package include : 10pcs 15w FM Transmitter

Posted at 2012-7-12 by Sky

One unit ST-15B 15w FM Transmitter and one studio monster beats total is 165USD

Posted at 2012-7-10 by Sky

2units 15w FM transmitter with car antenna with power supply with car power adapter

Posted at 2012-2-10 by Sky

Package Include: 2 X 15w CZH-15A FM transmitter 3 X 1/4 anti-rain GP antenna with 8 meters cable 2 X 12V DC Power Adapter 2 X Audio cable 2 X Conversion So

Posted at 2012-2-2 by Sky

Posted at 2017-10-14 by Sky

== Download 15w FU-15A CZE-15A CZH-15A FM Transmitter English Manual PDF == == Download 15w FU-15A CZE-15A CZH-15A FM Transmitter English Manual PDF == Click

Posted at 2012-2-1 by Sky

DESCRIPTION RD15HVF1 is a MOS FET type transistor specifically designed for VHF/UHF High power amplifiers applications. FEATURES High power and H

Posted at 2008-12-6 by Admin

get the $69 15w transmitter, and the $29 antenna

Posted at 2011-9-28 by Sky

Promotion 15w ST-15B FM Transmitter only 99USD including worldwide shipping cost The price 69USD already include the shipping cost to all the countries in th

Posted at 2011-9-27 by Sky

15watt CZH-15A FM Transmitter 100USD including EMS shipping

Posted at 2012-7-27 by Sky
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