Car FM Antenna for FM transmitter radio broadcaster high gain adjustable This is a new developed Car FM antenna specially designed for FM transmitters

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Slim Jim antenna calculator Slim Jim information This page shows you how to make a simple but effective 'Slim Jim' antenna. It includes below a calculator to work out all the mesurements for the frequency you require. This calculator can also be used

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As we all know, a successful commodity station design should consider implementation of function, aesthetics, reliability, cost, production process and other factors, one-sided emphasis on a particular function or indicators generally are not a commo

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There have long been home in QinXian aircraft antennas and everyone at home when QSO lively , originally used in the unit do not know U V segment segment line does not ? Spring Festival holiday a little time at home, coupled with the twelfth lunar mo

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Radio repair DIY Models: M1 Mega Paper Symptom: M1 words can not send outgoing intercom Fault diagnosis: Air over the Prophet!! I am not a professional maintenance staff, wrote this record, is I want to share the fun of repair and exchange service ex

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Do the new 7 trillion GP antenna , the main beam antenna with 5.2 m Huahong changed , plus two meters below the brass, bakelite tube above plus plus flu, plus more than one meter thin tubes of 8.6 meters high . VSWR 7.023 1.4 just assume that good, C

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Report 435.500MHz 435.500MHz various kinds of antenna antenna DIY DIY report recently swept recruited to Shenzhen ham station network 439.460/434.460, recalling the scene 20 years ago to participate in CRSA, inevitably some blood. On weekends, to fin

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An antenna for transmitting the radio apparatus or receive electromagnetic components. Radio communication , radio, television , radar, navigation , electronic countermeasures , remote sensing, radio astronomy and other engineering systems , all use

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