The reasons and maintenance of the FM Transmitter power amplifier module fauty One or more amplifiers in the amplifier unit are overloaded and the amplifier is overloaded. 1, power amplifier overload protection

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Design of RF Transceiver Circuit Based on TRF6900 MCU This article introduces the structure, principle, characteristics and application circuit of TRF6900. TRF6900 is a single-chip radio frequency transceiver chip, which integrates a complete transmi

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15W FU-15A FM Transmitter Review from Greetings my dear friend Sky Blue, the 15W FM transmitter you sent has arrived, it arrived yesterday. I'm so greatful. May God continue to bless you and your company. Good day my friend, ha

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Software radio is a brand-new architecture based on broadband A/D devices, high-speed DSP chips, and software as the core. The basic idea is to put the broadband A/D as close as possible to the radio frequency antenna in order to digitize the receive

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Good afternoon, I finally got the CP 100 installed, used matching stub and everything worked greatVSWR 1.2 to 1.1.not badSounds wonderfulIf anyone else has a problem with VSWRremind them to be sure antenna is at least a half wave from ground and if n

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The mid-power radio frequency amplifier can be used as a pre-driver in the radio frequency power amplifier of the transmitting circuit, and can be used for signal amplification in the receiving circuit. It is an important part of the radio frequency

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How to improve the efficiency of RF power amplifier? The basic laws of thermodynamics reveal that no electronic equipment can achieve 100% efficiency-although switching power supplies are relatively close (up to 98%). Unfortunately, any device that g

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350w fm transmitter with dipole antenna with coaxial cable comlete kit

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