Jennarino (113.210.120.*) Post:2019/2/1 19:21:30
Hello friend,i want to make the radio station.for my compacompany.How to by the intrument for radio station.can u test mee.?How to connec the sistem tranmitter?Thank you.
Reply to:How many kilometers do you want to cover ? We have the complete set of fm radio station We will have the connection diagram for you to connect all the instrument. Add my whatsapp 008615915959450 for details.
kafunga(41.209.124.*) Post:2013/12/8 3:03:32
what is the difference between DP200 and DO100 GP antenna since I WANT TO TO BUY A GP DIPOLE ANTENNA FROM YOURS
Reply to:The difference between DP-200 and DP-100 is the gain.Dp-200 is higher gain and for high power.What is your transmitter output power ?
Flory(216.139.168.*) Post:2013/9/8 7:41:11
Please send to us the proforma invoice and how may days it will take to reach us in Bukavu city, democratic republic of Congo.RegardsFloribert BAYONGWA 243819612280
Reply to:I have sent the pforma invoice to you emailIt will takes about 7days to arrive
Jong(124.6.181.*) Post:2013/4/28 9:19:36
With optimum environmental conditions, what is the range of this kit?
Reply to:With optimum environmental conditions, it can cover about 2KM
joko(118.96.207.*) Post:2013/3/3 2:24:01
where can i buy it in jakarta, indonesia ?
Reply to:We do not have reseler in jakarta, indonesia You can buy from our us in China, and we will send to you with DHL, you can receive within 7days.
thomess(82.232.215.*) Post:2012/8/12 4:39:07
Hello,I have some questions:- Concerning the MP3 player, is it read the files one after one (alphabetic order) or in shuffle mode ?- What is the difference between the antennas? Which one offers the best range?
Reply to:Just plug into your USB flash disk , the FM Transmitter can broadcast the audio sound immediately.It can reads the mp3 file one after one in shuffle model .The best antenna is our DP200 1/2 wave dipole antenna offers the best range.

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