British Chromatec AM-32 VGA 32-channel signal Sounders

British Chromatec AM-32 VGA 32-channel signal Sounders


Professional multi-channel color display frets table

It can be set to 16, 24, and 32-channel audio signal display

Two units can be connected to 64-way systems

Can display analog, AES / EBU digital or SDI embedded audio, or mix audio signals

Frets table height can be set to full-height, half-height and 1/4 high, and with peak hold function

Fret table has three sections color change

Strap phase peak hold function

There are configuring the main system menu

Factory setting plus two user settings

Six kinds of level calibration standard optional

It can display AES / EBU status information

Video, audio and the loss of signal or SDI signal can overload and phase deviation warning

Screen displays a warning message

Selectable channel monitor output

With data output, warning output and remote control interfaces

Optional LTC and VITC time code reader

SVGA resolution image output

AL-32 optional remote control panel warning display and reset

Optional can be controlled, warning presets and data recording software for Windows

Audio channel 2, 4,8,1-8,2-16,64

Audio input Adjustable input sensitivity scale digital signal AES / EBU input

Audio output Analog audio monitor output

Video output SVG

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