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  • Several Key Technologies for Realizing IPTV in CATV Network

    Another key technology for IPTV on cable TV networks is called CDN, which means that content distribution networks are a strategy. Based on what considerations? The cable TV network is basically a hybrid network. The backbone uses an optical fiber ne

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  • Several issues to consider before building an OTT-TV live broadcast platform

    Based on the business of the open Internet, OTT TV was born. It has the advantages of multi-channel TV live broadcast, time-shifted viewing and mass on-demand broadcasting, and is sought after by radio and television operators, equipment manufacturer

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  • What is an optical access network? What are the advantages of PON

    At present, in terms of optical fiber access network technology, narrowband access is gradually replaced by broadband access, and finally fiber to home is realized. Broadband optical fiber for access networks has become inevitable, and PON technology

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  • How to learn embedded Linux underlying system for beginners

    For application development: C language, data structure, JAVA, etc. need to be learned well. There is nothing special to pay attention to in embedded application development and application development on PC. Maybe you say that you need to optimize t

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  • FTTH network construction and deployment characteristics analysis

    With the rapid development of IPTV and multimedia services, users' requirements for access bandwidth continue to increase. The current copper wire access technology is difficult to meet users' requirements for high bandwidth, two-way transmission, an

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  • Explain in detail the implementation methods and key technologies of network digital TV

    1. Broadband network digital TV, also known as IPTV or BTV, or interactive network TV, is a kind of broadband Internet, multimedia and other technologies integrated to provide home users with a variety of interactive services including digital TV New

    Posted at 21-04-02 by SKYSKY views(38)

  • Some experience in developing IPTV system

    With the prosperous application of the TV market, the disadvantages of the old IPTV system have become more obvious. More IPTV system operators, on-site hardware integrators, set-top box manufacturers, etc. all need to develop a set of IPTV systems w

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(18)

  • Development of Internet TV in the UK and the US

    1. United Kingdom As early as 1999, Video Networks in the United Kingdom first provided users with IPTV network TV services, and then telecommunications operators around the world have launched IPTV network TV services; currently, British Telecom is

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  • IPTV system based on streaming media technology(1)

    With the popularization of the Internet, the demand for using the network to transmit audio and video signals is increasing. After radio and television and other media go online, they all hope to release their own audio and video programs through the

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  • The difference between IPTV and digital TV

    1. Technical System The IPTV system is also called interactive TV. Its system structure mainly includes subsystems such as streaming media service, program acquisition and editing, storage, and authentication and billing. The main storage and transmi

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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