This introduction of this device can be used to get an indoor or outdoor faint voice , tried to get somewhere as long as needed to install a snooping device , the 100M can clearly get an external FM radio sound somewhere . Circuit works Circuit as sh

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This omni directional antenna, nicknamed the Spider Omni, was built in response to finding a simple diagram in an old book. After scaling to the correct frequency, it was built to help augment an 802.11b vehicle-based community wireless network effec

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WLAN antenna 2.4 GHz Do-It-Yourself Homebrew outdoor antenna to 2.4 GHz band. Antenna gain is comparable to panel antennas including the Freedom Antenna Set sold in Finland. Comparing is made simple by connecting antennas to same computer with Orino

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Above all, still be the problem that standing wave compares. Standing wave solves what reflex power to be being mixed to power to compare than OK and intuitionistic geography, SWR = 1 when the power that car stage projects is blasted off to go out by

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Working frequency limits (F) : Show amplifier satisfies the working frequency limits of various index. The working frequency limits with effective amplifier may be more than the working frequency limits of the definition. Power gain (G) : Show amplif

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This system acquires several different sensor inputs, FM modulates each level by manipulating Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) increment values, transmits the resulting signal on a commercial FM radio band, and receives and decodes the original sensor l

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