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    Broadcast, record speaker JBL LSR4328P

    Broadcast, record speaker JBL LSR4328P

    JBL's unique second-generation RMCTM room mode correction technology is designed to solve this problem. A powerful computational processor is installed in each LSR4300 Series monitor to automatically analyze the frequency response of your room and compensate for low frequency errors in the monitor space with an accurate insertion filter so that low frequency signals arrive at the mix position. Has the desired frequency response. Because of this, the LSR4300 Series is able to “beyond precision”, helping you eliminate the uncertainty of working in guesswork and create a reliable mix that can be exchanged in any environment. In addition, the RMC system fine-tunes the level of each speaker to compensate for differences in the relative distance from the speaker to the mixing position, ensuring a balanced mix.


    • Custom designed sensors are designed to deliver clean, crisp sound. The LSR4328P has an 8-inch low frequency cone, the LSR4326P provides 6.25-inch bass, and both models feature a 1-inch soft dome high frequency sensor. All sensors are self-shielded and feature a 钕 motor construction to accommodate occasional transient response and high power usage.

    • Advanced front panel user interface controls system functions such as volume, input selection, user EQ and EQ presets, RMC correction and bypass, single speaker solo, head and button brightness adjustment.

    • When measuring at the mix position, the front panel meter displays a continuous output level in dBFS, which serves as a visual reference for viewing the speaker output.

    • When the space is limited and the speaker stand cannot be used, the speaker body's own mounting point allows the speaker to be wall mounted.

    • The side of the speaker is equipped with a recessed armrest for easy positioning and handling of the speaker.

    Equipment parameter specification
    (All parameters apply to LSR4328P and LSR4326P unless otherwise stated


    Frequency response (+/-1.5dB)        50Hz-20kHz (LSR4328P)
                                                                     55Hz-20kHz (LSR4326P)
    Box resonance frequency                  41Hz (LSR4328P)
                                                                    52Hz (LSR4326P)
    Low frequency extension user control set to default
    -3dB                                                    43Hz-22kHz (LSR4328P)
                                                                 47Hz-22kHz (LSR4326P)
    -10dB                                                  35Hz-32kHz (LSR4328P)
                                                                39Hz-32kHz (LSR4326P)
    Low-High Frequency Divider Digital Dividing:    2.6k 4th order BW LF/ 4th order BW HF (LSR4328P)
    Digital Dividing:                                                        2.8k 4th order BW LF/ 2nd order BW HF (LSR4326P)
    Distortion, 96dB SPL                                             2nd harmonic: <0.4%
    1m:                                                                          medium and high frequency (200Hz-20kHz) 3rd harmonic: <0.3%
    Low frequency (<200Hz) 2nd harmonic: <1.5% (LSR4328P)
    <0.8% (LSR4326P)
    3rd harmonic: <0.7% (LSR4328P)
    <1.4% (LSR4326P)

    Maximum continuous sound pressure level                  106dB/1m
    Maximum peak sound pressure level                             112dB/1m
    Maximum peak sound pressure level per pair              118dB SPL/1m
    Low frequency model                                                         438H (LSR4328P)
    436H (LSR4326P)                                                              diameter
    203 mm (8 in) (LSR4328P)                                        159 mm (6.25 in) (LSR4326P)
    Voice coil                                                                       2” (51 mm) (LSR4328P)
    1.5” (38 mm) (LSR4326P)                                        Magnet type
    neodymium                                                                 Paper cone type
    Polymer coated paper fiber                                      impedance
    8 Europea                                                                   High frequency model
    Voice coil                       1’’ (25mm)
    Magnet type                      Oh, the overall heat sink cover
    Diaphragm type              Soft dome

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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