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    Germany BEHRINGER B2030A monitor speakers

    Germany BEHRINGER B2030A monitor speakers


    When using the device for studio recording, all you need is sincerity. In fact, it is indispensable when considering the importance of art! This is why we designed the B2030A access listener for the real purpose. It makes the sound of your stereo or video surround system very beautiful, and the studio equipment you want is: every note you play and sing is under the microscope.

    Based on traditional products, the TRUTHB2030A is available in a standard size and compact size. Due to its high resolution performance, the B2030A Active Dual Studio Monitor is ideal for near-field monitoring from small mixed environments to multi-channel surround settings. The TRUTHB2030A monitor has achieved great success and we have sold thousands of units worldwide.
    Small in size despite its small size, the TRUTHB2030A achieves over 113 dB SPL peak output. Powered by an 80 – 35 watt internal amplifier with a high precision active crossover, the monitor provides an ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz.
    Speaker certificate

    After final assembly, each B2030A is carefully adjusted by a calibration engineer for half an hour to ensure its ultra-linear frequency response.

    When you buy a TRUTHB2030A monitor, you get a manual calibration device. We issue a calibration certificate for each B2030A to demonstrate the test frequency response of your monitor at the time of manufacture.

    After all the rigorous tests, the speaker can be obtained to obtain its certificate of conformity.

    A rock-solid bass is confusing when you set it to the bass, which is mainly because the speakers are not designed for serious listening. That's why recording engineers and producers want to listen to music through studio access monitors or studio-grade headsets. The B2030A's long-stroke 6.75 "polypropylene diaphragm woofer provides a smooth, thick bass up to 50 Hz. It doesn't enhance the bass, because it's a home audio system. The rock-solid bass is the representative of recording. Full of subtle colors, strings on the fingers, or the rush of air through the long tubes of the church organ.
    Why use a polypropylene woofer?

    This question is very good. Polypropylene is lightweight and strong, allowing the speaker cone to react quickly to transient peaks. This lightweight cone material is harder than paper, not only maintaining the integrity of the bass, but also maintaining the accuracy and clarity of the midrange. The non-deformable aluminum die-cast chassis maintains the integrity of the suspension, providing high-efficiency voice coil cooling even under very harsh operating conditions.

    No fatigue, wide "best listening position"

    The high-frequency effect of the B2030A comes from an ultra-high resolution 0.75 "ferrofluid-cooled woofer on the waveguide. And some of our competitors' studio monitors have a highly concentrated" best listening experience. Position" (the best listening position for a pair of speakers), the purpose of our waveguide is to create a more relaxed, wider listening area. This means you don't have to wear a hole in only one of the best listening positions on the carpet. You can move freely within a stereo image to find the ideal point for an instrument or effect.

    You won't suffer from "Monitor Fatigue Syndrome", a symptom of high, midrange and triplet that is heard for hours of continuous listening. Even in nighttime mixing, you will really test your nerves.

    Pursuit of perfection We incorporate 115 watts of dual amplifier technology (including time-phase excellent active crossovers) into each B2030A to ensure the powerful power reserve you need for your drive. The BEHRINGER waveguide and low distortion crossover network will produce an absolutely linear frequency response with good distribution and stereo images.
    Designed for your environment

    The ideal environment for listening to music is a "flat" room with neither strong reflections (echoes) nor strong sound absorption (such as sound being blocked). But because the sound effects of all the rooms are not the same. All TRUTH monitors are suitable for a variety of environmental functions. The switch is designed to fit the low and high frequency characteristics of the monitor, giving you the best performance for your particular environment.

    It is also very important to be suitable for all layouts. The ideal environment is to place all speakers away from the wall to ensure proper bass response. But don't worry, the B2030A monitor features an indoor compensation switch that you can place against a wall or even in a corner. The wall has the effect of improving the low frequency, and the corner can even enhance the bass. The TRUTH monitor can be customized according to customer requirements, providing you with a bass response suitable for your environment, only one or two switches need to be moved.

    The XLR and 1/4" input B2030A are equipped with servo balanced inputs on the XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors to handle a variety of audio sources. Due to its small size and magnetic shielding, the TRUTH B2030A can be placed close to a video monitor, computer monitor or digital audio workstation.
    It’s true that we use all the technical terms to make you bored (if you really like them, they will be treated separately), but TRUTH will convince you. From the "bulletproof" bass of the Kevlar woofer to the gentle treble of the tweeter, comparing BEHRINGER products with other competing products, I believe you will think that any such products will not be better than the B2030A!

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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