US DBX 266-XL Dual Compressor

US DBX 266-XL Dual Compressor

Compression limiter using auto-limit (automatic pressure limit) rise and recovery circuit, the latest program automatically extended noise gate automatically know how to analyze different programs and one of the most smooth operation recovery characteristics, and a wider dynamic, more accurate linear amplification, more so cel-2a reach non-ordinary compression limiter effect. Special stereo / mono switch Union Road, easy to adjust left and right channels of unified effect; input level select (+ 4 / -10dbu); led indicator accurately displays the current signal level changes, making the operation more simple.

Technical Parameters:

Input: rf filtered servo-balanced input

Input impedance: 50kω balanced, 25kω unbalanced

Input level selection: + 4dbu / -10dbu switchable

Maximum input level: + 21dbu balanced and unbalanced

Output Impedance: 60ω balanced, 30ω unbalanced

Maximum output level: + 21dbu balanced and unbalanced

Frequency response: 0.35hz ~ 200khz, + 0 / -3db

SNR:> - 95dbu, unweighted, 22hz ~ 22khz

Harmonic distortion: 0.04% typically @ + 4dbu, 1khz, gain1

Noise Threshold: variable (off ~ 10dbu)

Compression Threshold: variable (-40 ~ + 20dbu)

Compression ratio: variable (1: 1 ~ ∞: 1)

Start time: <1ms / 100db

Release Time: 100ms / 100db

Auto start time: typ.15ms @ 10db, 5ms @ 20db, 3ms @ 30db

Automatic release time: program dependent, typ.125db / sec

Output: variable (-20 ~ + 20db)

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