How can I pay to buy the item ?   There are 17 leave their questions
nalds(222.127.85.*) Post:2014/3/28 21:35:59
Quan Li,I made my payment today March 29, 2014, thru Western Union the amount of 125 US dollar for the payment of CZE- 7CCZH 7C 7& watts FM Stereo PLL Transmitter..Hope to hear u soon!tnxNalds
Reply to:OK, thank yo uso much , we have received the payment and will send to you soon with DHL
Vladimir(178.92.52.*) Post:2013/11/18 3:02:57
In what term sending of the goods after payment is carried out?
Reply to:aftrer you pay, let me now your deliery address and phone number, we will send the products to you , which products do you need ?
Juan Ramon(186.105.191.*) Post:2013/6/2 21:43:19
Compre estos productos pagados a travs de PayPal y no he tenido informacin de ustedes. Envo fecha y cdigo de compra: 31-05-2013 22:40:11 PDT Id. de transaccin: 3BK705258L431162X
Reply to:OK, thak you my friend, we will send your order to you soon with DHL
rocyl(121.54.58.*) Post:2013/1/25 18:53:06
please send me info about this kit DIY 5W PLL Digital LCD Stereo FM Transmitter PCB Kit and the price i`m from philippines
Reply to:Please visit below link to check the the price is 55USD including shipping cost
SALEEM(112.79.41.*) Post:2013/1/21 5:26:44
sir, i am from india, i can buy?
Reply to:YES, you can buy And we can send to India
SALEEM(112.79.41.*) Post:2013/1/21 5:25:32
Sir , i am from India,i can buy ?
Reply to:YES, you can buyAnd we can send to India
watson(190.115.182.*) Post:2012/11/29 0:32:36
comment je doit trouver un emmetteu radio fm?
Reply to:you need our 15watt fm radio transmitter ?
watson(190.115.182.*) Post:2012/11/29 0:31:44
je besoin un emetteur 15 watt
Reply to:do you need our 15watt ?
charles(112.207.233.*) Post:2012/9/2 18:08:08
i want to buy fm trans 15 watts how could i pay? from mindanao philippines
Reply to:you can pay us with paypal, credit card , western union or bank transfer
rolo(186.98.71.*) Post:2012/3/26 8:52:06
deseo el kid el envi tiene algn costo extra hasta Colombia y en que tiempo lo podra recibir
Reply to:No hay ningún coste adicional a Colombia
rolo(186.98.71.*) Post:2012/3/26 8:49:20
si realizo el pago por western union donde debo enviar la constancia de pago
Reply to:Después de enviar el pago por Western Union, por favor, envíe el pago de la prueba a nuestra dirección de correo electrónico sky@cantonmade.comHaremos los arreglos para enviar los productos a los que
rolo(186.98.71.*) Post:2012/3/26 8:47:05
como hago para recibir el kid por parte de ustedes
Reply to:Podemos enviar los productos a los que con el correo aéreo, DHL o EMS después de que nos paguen
tong(203.189.134.*) Post:2011/9/8 2:29:48
is it safety if pay by western union?
Reply to:of course, we have many customers pay us with western union
tong(203.189.134.*) Post:2011/9/8 2:28:45
is that good and safety if i have no Paypal account and want to pay to you by western union?
Reply to:of course, we have many customers pay us with western union , what products do you need ?

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