200W TV Transmitter

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TV Transmitter UHF/VHF
Power: 200W in a 60cm height 19' rack
Professinal designed for TV stations
Big LCD displays all parameters
Switched power supply
High reliability
Low price


This product is the all solid-state Single-channel TV Transmitter, it adopts professional TV exciter, and it can use the single/duel exciter configuration, switching automatically.

This transmitter has a variety of linear and non-linear pre-correction function, carrier frequency offset, and precision bias (with external precision reference source) function.

It can prefabricate and control the half-power output, and it has remote control telemetry interface.

The power amplifier used LDMOS FET, the analog and digital are both compatible, and it used high-quality switch parallel power.

The power amplifier and power supply are both used hot-plug devices.

The power loss and standing wave of the one-time synthesis power combiner is small.

The module of power amplifier display the working parameters in real-time.

The whole machine has the protection of over-current, over temperature, over power and over-standing wave ratio.

The master touch screen displays the working parameters of the whole machine and the module of power amplifier (PA) in real-time.

The 200W transmitter is installed in one 19inch chassis; it’s suitable for medium or small TV station.

●    The whole machine is single-channel, image with audio together.
●    The management and monitoring are intelligent and on network, it has the external PC interface.
●    It has the technical data detection, monitoring systems and full-featured computer control software with auto-diagnostic function. All technical parameters can be read through the LCD display panel.
●    Comprehensive protection measures can reduce the damage of equipments. This machine has protection about no video; VSWR is too large, overheating, over-stimulus, missing phase protection and lightning protection. The switch has protection about overvoltage, over current, under voltage, over temperature, short circuit and lightning protection.
●    All power supplies are switching power supplies; high efficiency, excellent regulator range, strong adaptable from the change of the external voltage.
●    It adopts modular design concept.
●    Hot-pluggable design: power amplifier and switching power are supporting the Hot-plug, it’s easy to debug and maintenance; improve the reliability.
●    The fan is built-in the chassis, the transmitter has a compact structure and a beautiful shape.

Technical Specifications:

Overall performances:
1. Working frequency:                      UHF 13~48 Channel arbitrary choice
2. Output power:                              200W (Synchronous)
3. Output impedance:                        50Ω
4. Inter-modulation distortion:            ≤-50dB
5. Useless transmission:                     In adjacent channel ≤-40dB
                                                           Out adjacent channel ≤-60dB
6. RF output interface:                       L27
7. Power supply:                               Single-phase 220V
8. Shape size:                                    995mm×910mm×625mm
9. Weight:                                         120KG

Image performance:
1. Video frequency input level:           1VP-P positive polarity
2. Video frequency input impedance: 75Ω
3. DG:                                              ±8%
4. DP:                                               ±7°
5. Luminance nonlinear:                      ≤12%

Sound performance:
1. Audio input level:                           0dBm±6dB
2. Audio input impedance:                 10KΩ (imbalance)
3. Maximum frequency deviation:      ±50KHz
4. Harmonic distortion:                      ≤1%
5. Signal-to -clutter:                           ≥60dB

Total:4970 USD

Item:4026 USD   Shipping:944 USD
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