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    正面信用指數     hello friend sky,
    I have received the transmitter 7w. I was very surprised, is a rod is great, I have a very good scope for the few watts of power it gives. is super super super stable in the frencuencia modulated, does not interfere with the radio side I congratulate you because you are sincerely doing some issuers are the ostia, are wonderful, with a super tiny little thing nothing can be issued at distances wonderful I've been stunned amazement. thank you very much Carai
    I comprare later the 15-watt FM.
    I already made like that soon also on medium wave transmitters
    thanks hug
    we are in contact
    Juan Nadal

    7Watt FM broadcast transmitter only 49usd inlcuding shipping for sale Promotion!!!!

    正面信用指數             i actually used both transmitters at a birthday party hooked up to a soundboard and everyone was imp..

    5W V5.0 FM stereo PLL broadcast transmitter


    正面信用指數Absolutely fantastic product! Simple to set up, brilliant performance & super fast delivery to Austr..

     正面信用指數Recieved OK! Pleasure doing buisness with you!   )
    05m pll 87-108mhz fm transmitter broadcast stereo mic

     正面信用指數again is a pleasure do bussines whit you triple AAA seller!!!+++   )
    5w FM stereo PLL transmitter+GP antenna +Powersupply

           正面信用指數Supper Supplier and Superior Product, Honorable, Will Buy From Again Number 1    )
    5w FM stereo PLL transmitter+GP antenna +Powersupply

    15W FM stereo PLL transmitter GP antenna powersupply

     正面信用指數We meet a problem when received items, Seller willing to solve the problem. Good       )
    15W FM stereo PLL transmitter GP antenna powersupply

    正面信用指數"I recently received my 7W FM transmitter and I am happy beyond my expectations. It was well worth the wait. I have had no troubles either with the unit, or with it's operation. It is very easy to operate and delivers everything it promises. Thank you again!"    Bruce (USA)

     正面信用指數"Fantastic! Just got the 5W fmuser FM transmitter  this weekend after a worried wait for release. I am very pleased and impressed with this little black box. Easy setup, great sound, perfect functionality.Thanks."Jerem(USA)


    I just wanted to let you know that FM transmitter arrived today and within 5 minutes I had it hooked up and transmitting perfectly.The packaging was excellent and getting all three types of power options is unheard of in today's world.We have been listening to music from my Jukebox computer in the house, the backyard and carport from three separate radios all afternoon.I can't tell any difference from my broadcast then one of the top stations here in town.Thank you for such a full featured and easy to use product."Bob J. (USA)

    正面信用指數" I run an Internet radio site, and have been frustrated when my listeners are not able to tune in to our programming because they cannot be in front of their computers all the time. So, I started looking around for a solution to this problem.

    正面信用指數One day, I came across your website, and took a look at the 5W fmuser  FM Transmitter. I looked at the specs, and decided to order your unit. It came to my door in 2 days, and when I plugged the unit in.............WOW!!!

    The signal from my computer came out clear as a bell.

    Not quite convinced, I decided to run a test. I took my portable radio to different parts of the house, including the garage.

    The signal came in crystal clear everywhere I went.

    I recommended the 5W fmuser FM transmitter to a friend who lives in a 3 story apartment building on the 1st floor. He attached the unit to his computer system, then took his boom box all around the building: 2nd floor, 3rd floor, even the laundry room in the basement. The signal came through crystal clear, even in the basement!

    You have a terrific product, and I will recommend to my listeners that they purchase the 5W fmuser FM transmitter."

    Jim K.
    Program Director (USA)

    正面信用指數"I live on the top floor of a four story apartment. I placed the fmuser FM transmitter ,the window with the wire antenna taped in a straight vertical position. I was able to hear the fmuser FM transmitter for about a half mile!!! Of course that is the fringe (low quality) range with a good car radio. But still impressive!

    I also use the fmuser FM transmitter to transmit Police, Fire, and Ambulance calls from my scanner radio to my stereo. There are 60 suites in my apartment block and dozens of houses within range. Anyone that stumbles on to 107.5 FM around my place will have some real interesting things to listen to!"

    Paul S. - Winnipeg, Canada

    V5000 FM audio transmitter:

    正面信用指數"Dear fmuser,

    This morning I received my FM transmitter.It work perfectly. Now my neighbors get the sound from my PC. All my building is receiving the signal : it's a 5 Floor building and the stereo quality is fully respected. I'm very pleased of this product and I recommend it to anyone. Many people around me like to buy the same jewels now !"

    Best regards


    正面信用指數During the busy seasonal period my 15W FM transmitter arrived within 11 days of ordering it online!! Wow! Not quite convinced even after reading all those affirmative testimonials, I can certainly say that the 15W FM transmitter is the best buy I have made in a long time! I’m still in the process of finding a flaw in the transmitter, but after having overridden a national radio station around my home- it just seems unlikely!! The 15W FM transmitter  will be great for future garden parties, I will tell everyone to bring along their radios!

    Thank you very much for the quick, reliable and excellent service I received, really impressed! …can’t wait until the 15W FM transmitter V2.0 comes out!!

    B.D. - (U.K.)

    正面信用指數I set up the fmuser FM transmitter last night and started broadcasting FM throughout the house. It is a very simple operation. It is a lot smaller than I expected. I expected it to be about 4 times the size. I really like the versatility of all the different power sources, 12v, etc. Very nice.

    We live in a location where we only get basically 2 radio stations and most of the time you can only pick up one station as the second station seems to be hard to tune into all the time. Plus, I do not really care for what they broadcast. Anyways, I set it up last night and hooked it up to my computer. I am now broadcasting internet radio broadcasts throughout my house from my favorite radio station Country 105 in Calgary.

    I am also looking forward to being able to broadcast the AM sports coverage stations throughout the house, garage and yard when the Saskatchewan Rough Riders (my football team, GO RIDERS!) are playing and the games are not covered on TV. Often when there is no TV coverage the local AM radio stations cover the games. Previously, I have has to stay close to the computer to listen over the internet to the local AM broadcast games. Now I can FM broadcast and listen to the games on my deck with a 'boom box' and enjoy the sun.

    I am also going to try hooking it up to my mobile Delphi MiFi MX Radio and broadcast that. My XM Radio is mounted in my truck. It is mobile so I can bring it into the house. Although, I can play XM Radio through my computer so I am not sure that I really need to bring the Mifi in from the truck. But when I am camping that is another story. We camp in areas where you get no radio. The XM radio works great in the truck but I have all this radio equipment in the trailer that I have not been able to use in the past. When I am camping from now on I will be bringing the fmuser FM transmitter with me and broadcast the XM Radio over FM from my truck to the trailer stereo so I do not have to blast the music from the truck and annoy all the neighbors, in fact they can tune in and listen as well. I think its all good.

    Nice simple piece of equipment. Good job!


    Kevin (USA)

     正面信用指數"You talk about multiple cars.... tried it with 10+ boats on a dock - awesome!!!"

    Rick K. (USA)

    正面信用指數 "Thanks for the fmuser transmitter. It’s an excellent product, and does everything I need. Great value for money and super quick delivery to the UK.I would recommend it to anyone."Woody - (U.K)

    正面信用指數"Your FM transmitter is great! I'm using it to send my XM radio's audio all over the house, and I can even pick it up outside while working in the yard. Thanks!"Robert B.  (USA)

    正面信用指數 "It works really really well with my iPod and honda stereo. highly recommended"Hoang L. (USA)

    正面信用指數"I am very satisfied with the quality and range of signal the fmuser 5W FM transmitter  produces, living in Sydney Australia, previous units have been overpowered by strong local radio stations, this one has the extra power to remove this problem, also quality of signal is far superior to my other device." C.H. - Sydney, Australia

    正面信用指數"Just wanted to let your team know that my 7W FM transmitter  works awesome... I bought 3 other devices before finding yours but none worked until the fmuser 7W FM transmitter. We now get broadcasts throughout our 3000 sq. ft. home and office on 3 floors!We will be recommending this product to all our client offices that we manage."M.M. - Bethlehem, PA (USA)

    正面信用指數"Hi folks…got my fmuser FM transmitter.the other day as promised and it is really really good. It’s like Superman, able to go through walls , leap tall buildings at a single bound and so on.Great product."Jim L. -  Simcoe Ontario Canada

    正面信用指數"I bought a Bellkin II FM transmitter but it only work at 30 ft and sometime does not work either. I found V5000 through Yahoo search engine then I ordered it. It took 5 days to get to my home two days before Christmas. The range is awesome I took my radio to my neighbor about 250 ft from my house the reception still perfect this is the best audio FM transmitter you should buy no mistake at all."
    N.P. - Michigan (USA)

    正面信用指數"The fmuser FM transmitter has arrived.Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! It is fantastic!"
    M.S. - United Kingdom

    正面信用指數"BEST FM TRANSMITTER OUT THERE, BUY BUY BUY, NONE CAN COMPETE, fmuser FM transmitter.J.M. Quebec, Canada

    正面信用指數"I liked this stereo PLL FM transmitter, very, it has high quality and use to transmit my music for the ambient sound of house and use in the car in my Compaq Presario notebook to send in 107.9 stereo for the Pioneer sound that have in the on car in power modules, it is incredible, the sound is excellent, very clean and without distortions! excellent product and I recommend to all, it is the best one of the market ! it has value of the paid price !"
    M.G. - Goiânia - GO - Brazil

    正面信用指數"I would like to thank you for the awesome product I bought from you. I was worried about the fmuser FM transmitter performances before I tried it. I'm living in the city if Montreal, not downtown but in a residential area. I was able to catch crystal clear signal up to at least 200 feet + The sound quality is also near perfect. I'll recommend to everybody might want that type of product."
    P.B. - Montreal, Canada

    正面信用指數"Arrived yesterday and works great! I´m very pleased with my BlackBox!. Simple to install and use. It works very well in Sweden, in the Baltic Sea, on the island Gotland. I use it for transmitting mp3 Nero Wolfe Mysteries, Al Jolson, Abbot & Costello, Jimmy Durante, etc from my computer to the stable where I keep my sheep indoor. It works very good!"
    P.P - Gotland, Sweden

    正面信用指數“My FM transmitter  arrived today and I set the frequency and away it went. No whistles and crackles in stereo and dead spots that the cheapy one I got from eBay had. An awesome piece of kit, highly recommended.”

    T. Smith Kent  (UK)

    正面信用指數"Just wanted to say that I am extremely happy with my fmuser FM transmitter and recommend it to all my friends. Great customer support as well. Anyways, extremely happy with it, best FM Transmitter ever! Thanks"

    Ryan M. (USA)

    正面信用指數"Just received my 2 stereo Fm transmitters .Great product - using it right know to listen to Podcasts. Will highly recommend it to my fellow Cdns. Thanks Again"

    Wayne N, Kenora Ontario (Canada)

    正面信用指數"Perfect item, works great. Smaller and more powerful than I expected!"
    S.M. - Huntington Beach, CA (USA)

    正面信用指數"Purchased a fmuser FM transmitter  and I'm glad I did.  I can now get music from my computer or from my satellite dish anywhere in my house.  In fact, I tuned the car radio to the fmuser FM transmitter  and I do not lose the signal until I'm four houses down the street!  If you are looking for a great product to do what the fmsuer FM transmitter can do, look no further!, Thanks."

    Mark A. (USA)

    正面信用指數"Good morning from Canada! I wanted to let you know that I am pleased with your FM transmitter. It will be just awesome this summer to sit down at our dock (approx 150ft) and listen to hours of uninterrupted music."
    M.M. - B.C, Canada

    "Got product and works just as stated. Bonus gift was great also."
    R.G. - Kalamazoo, MI (USA)

    正面信用指數"Received as advertised and works great"
    P.P. - Aptos, CA (USA)

    正面信用指數"Item is fantastic. Works just as it's supposed to, Great product."
    W.V. - GILFORD, NH (USA)

    正面信用指數"Great product. Works well... just as described. Thank you."

    正面信用指數"Great item works excellent "
    R.S. - Indianapolis, IN (USA)

    正面信用指數"Great transmitter! excellent buy!"
    B.L. - Honolulu, HI (USA)

    正面信用指數"Good Product, works better than the rest"

    正面信用指數"Great Item, can hear music from my computer to four house down with strong antenna."
    S.P. - Missouri City, TX (USA)

    正面信用指數"Pretty cool little toy. Gotta love it."
    D.S. - Arlington, TX (USA)

    正面信用指數"Phatty little box!"
    J.T. - Earlysville, VA (USA)

    正面信用指數"Great Product! Highly Recommended! Thanks for the extras!"
    M.P. - Dayton, OH (USA)

    正面信用指數"Awesome FM transmitter for my XM radio. Works great!!! Thanks!!"
    S.L. - Starke, FL (USA)

    正面信用指數"Love the transmitter works great even in a weld & machine shop"
    D.C. - Sunnyvale, CA (USA)

    正面信用指數"GREAT! In My Car The FM Transmitter Overrides Local Stations With Its Own Strong Signal!"
    J.E. - Cocoa Beach, FL (USA)

    正面信用指數"Wow. This thing does what it says. Great Product."
    D.A. - Perrysburg, OH (USA)

    正面信用指數"Very nice device ! ....Great item ! has worked promptly with my Mac !"
    G.L. - Bologna, Italy

    正面信用指數"Excellent product. Excellent service. The fmuser FM transmitter does broadcast over 150 feet!!"
    R.W. - Kaneohe, HI (USA)

    正面信用指數"Lighting Fast Delivery - Transmitter Works Awesome THXS"
    D.G. - Syracuse, NY (USA)

    正面信用指數"Works brilliantly. Thanks . Shipped to the UK arrived 7 days later."
    T.G. - Edinburgh, NT United Kingdom

    正面信用指數"Awesome product excellent service"
    N.R. - Truckee, CA (USA)

    正面信用指數fmuser 5W FM transmitter  is the best !"
    M.W.- Parma Heights, OH (USA)

    正面信用指數"I'm an electrical engineer and a skeptic. Folks, this product is awesome!"
    S.E. - Gadsden, AL (USA)

    正面信用指數"I was blown away at how well this little transmitter has worked. All I did was insert batteries, plug in the audio connector, set the frequency, and my signal boomed in loud and clear all over my patio with no dead spots. Exactly what I wanted! The volume is also much stronger than the little "toy" I was using before. Very nice indeed. I'll have to recommend them to my friends!"
    B.P. Riverside, California (USA)




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