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    FMUSER 150W FM Transmitter with RDS Encoder for RDS Intelligent Addressable Broadcasting

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    FMUSER 150W FM Transmitter with RDS Encoder

    for RDS Intelligent Addressable Broadcasting




      FSN-150B V5.0 FM radio transmitter is highly reliable, lighter in weight and easier to operate than previous version of transmitter. This transmitter adopts a simple-style design concept. It integrates the 50W FM stereo transmitter exciter, power amplifier, output filter and switching power supply in a 1U high 19-inch standard case, reducing the connecting cables between the components.


    Technical Features:

    • User-friendly digital LCD panel, using one rotary knob to control.

    • The integrated LCD screen displays all the parametric including: transmitter frequency, stereo and mono, volume, amplifier tube temperature, audio signal UV meter, forward power, reflected power, modulation mode, pre-emphasis etc,.

    • 1U 19-inch thickened all-aluminium case, strong and excellent heat dissipation.

    • Precise PLL frequency generation system, to ensure that the frequency not drift away for more than10 years, with built-in high-quality stereo encoder.

    • Outstanding power AGC balance control system, adjustable power output from 0 to 150 watts, and automatic gain power control to maintain output power within set range without drifting.

    • Signal input supports XLR and RCA audio inputs,  and also SCA and RDS signals using the BNC connector AUX.

    • The RF amplifier uses LDMOS transistors to withstand even severe load mismatch exceeding the 65: 1 VSWR at a 5dB compression point.


    Technical Parameters:

    Frequency: 87.5-108MHz

    Frequency step value: 10KHz

    Modulation method: FM, peak deviation ± 75KHz

    Frequency stability: <± 100Hz

    Frequency stabilization method: PLL frequency synthesizer

    RF output power: 0 ~ 150 W, step 0.1W, error ± 0.5dB

    Harmonic suppression: ≤-72dB

    Inband residual wave: ≤-72dB

    Asynchronous AM SNR: ≥-80dB (no modulation) ≥-65dB (400Hz, 100% modulation)

    Synchronous AM SNR: ≥-70dB (no modulation) ≥-60dB (400Hz, 100% modulation)

    RF output impedance: 50Ω

    RF Output Connector: N Female (L16)

    Audio Input Connectors: XLR Female and RCA Female

    AUX input connector: BNC female

    Pre-emphasis: 0us, 50us, 75us (user setting)

    Mono signal to noise ratio: ≥ 80 dB (20 to 20KHz)

    Stereo signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 80 dB (30 to 15KHz)

    Stereo resolution: ≥ -55dB

    Audio frequency response: 30 ~ 15000Hz ± 0.4dB

    Audio distortion: <0.1%

    Audio level gain: -15dB ~ 15dB step 0.5dB

    Audio input: -15dB ~ 0dB

    Power supply voltage range: 110V ~ 260V (global voltage)

    Power consumption: <320VA

    Operating temperature range: -10 to 45 ℃

    Way of working: continuous work

    Cooling method: forced air cooling

    Cooling method: <95%

    Altitude: <4500M

    Dimensions: 484 x 260 x 44 mm without handles and protrusions, 19 “1U standard rack.

    Weight: 4Kg

    FMUSER RDS-A RDS Encoder for

    FM Transmitter with MPX SCA Input


    FMUSER RDS-A Encoder is well suited for most regional, local, RSL, LPFM and other medium- and small-coverage radio stations which use Ethernet for dynamic RDS data distribution. Built-in Ethernet controller supports multiple TCP/UDP ports, internet functions and remote monitoring .
    FMUSER RDS-A Encoder have Fully DSP concept and effective design ensures high reliability, excellent signal characteristics and gives the user many advanced features while maintaining low acquisition costs.
    Fully dynamic FM broadcast RDS encoder with up to four independent communication ports
    USB connectivity for local settings and maintenance purposes
    Ethernet connectivity for linking with broadcast automation system
    Control interface based on ASCII commands and UECP protocol
    Supports internet functions and remote monitoring
    Text features include dynamic PS, parsing, scrolling, tagging, fixed messages, scheduling and HTTP reading
    Excellent compatibility with broadcast automation systems
    Control software includes powerful Windows GUI application
    Supports control from external PHP/ASP scripts
    Easy and fast set-up
    Excellent spectral purity, direct digital RDS signal synthesis; compliant with EN 50067 / EN 62106
    Two switchable program sets (with optional DSN and PSN setting)
    External TA and Program set switch
    Bypass relay, high reliability
    Switchable MPX loopthrough mode (Loop/Side)
    Internal real-time clock incl. backup battery
    No special 19 kHz input needed - pilot tone internally recovered from MPX signal using digital PLL
    Frequency Question (FAQ)
    1. What is Radio broadcast data system(RDS)
    Radio Data System (RDS) is a standard for helping people insert some data information in a  FM radio broadcasts station.
    RDS transmitted including timestation identification and program information.
    The standard began as a project of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).
    2. Why you need to build fm radio station with rds?
    RDS provides a digital channel for ordinary FM radio stations, allowing the radio to provide users with more features, including the following illustrations:
    The most important features is AF, TA, TP, it help FM radio station do more…
     a) RDS Traffic Announcement (TA) :
    The severing of the increased busy traffic, it is now interested in various countries in Africa to insert RDS signals when constructing a transmitting station, so as to realize the most economical broadcast of some traffic information by means of coverage of FM signals.
    b) Traffic Program (TP):
    With the TA and TP functions of RDS, RDS helps radio in-vehicle users to obtain traffic information faster, reduce congestion in the city, and increase the listening rate of the radio station.
    c) Alternative Frequency(AF):
    RDS AF help drivers automatic frequency switching between the Relay stations.
    Inserting the RDS signal in the transmitter can also automatically switch between multiple different frequency broadcasts in the same program. The receiver automatically switches the substitute frequency AF by detecting the PI code in the RDS signal to ensure that multiple relay stations are passed. Broadcast stations that achieve nationwide coverage achieve seamless coverage and seamless listening. When the car passes the signal superposition zone between the two frequencies, the AF function of the RDS will automatically switch to the same program at different frequencies.
    4. What is needed to build an RDS broadcast?
    A: A RDS Fm radio transmitter equipment kit list:
    1) FMUSER RDS-A encoder
    2) FMUSER FSN-1000W Fm transmitter with 57khz
    3) RDS encoding software
    4) Cable and antenna
    5. How can I build my rds channel on my Existing transmitter system?
    1) Confirm whether the current transmitter already has a 57khz input interface.
    2) Purchase FMUSER's RDS-A encoder to insert your digital signal into your radio broadcast.
    3) Run the Rds software on your computer and insert your radio station logo, traffic information…
    4) Use a RDS radio to check the digital information you provide.
    6. Do I need to pay for your RDS software at an additional cost?
    No, You just need to purchase FMUSER RDS-A encoder and FSN series transmitter, we provide RDS software for free.
    8. What are the characteristics of the FMUSER RDS-A encoder, and what is the difference compared to innovonics RDS encoder?
    Innovonics RDS encoder is a good products , The biggest difference should be the same function, and we offer more economical encoders.
    Lets look the the characteristics:
    Technical Specifications


    Supply voltage
    12 V DC stabilized
    Supply current
    280 mA
    Signal connectors
    unbalanced BNC
    Data connectors
    1x USB (port 1), 1x Ethernet (port 2, 3, 4)
    Network protocols supported
    USB speed
    software switchable 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps
    USB Mode
    1 stop bit, 8 data bits, no parity, (no flow control),
    ASCII or UECP (SPB 490)
    TA switching
    software or external switch
    TA/EON1TA input
    TTL with 10 kΩ pull-up, level or falling edge activated
    Program sets
    Program set switching
    ASCII command, UECP command or external switch
    Program switch input
    TTL with 10 kΩ pull-up, level controlled
    RDS Services supported
    PI, PS, PTY, TP, AF, TA, DI, M/S, PIN, RT, RT+
    RDS signal
    Subcarrier frequency
    57 kHz
    ± 2.4 kHz (50 dBc)
    Output level adjust
    0.0 to 4.0 V p-p in 256 steps
    Phase shift adjust
    stereo transmission
    Full range, in 9.5 deg. steps
    Audio/MPX/Pilot input
    Recommended load impedance
    < 10 kΩ
    stereo MPX
    < 2 kΩ
    Recommended MPX voltage
    1.3 - 8.0 V p-p
    Passthrough voltage gain
    2 Hz - 100 kHz
    1 (0 dB)
    Pilot tone level
    min. 120 mV p-p
    - recommended FM deviation
    6.8 kHz
    Pilot PLL capture range
    8 Hz
    Stereo encoder pilot frequency required
    stereo transmission
    19000 Hz ± 2 Hz
    Output impedance
    100 Ω
    Recommended load impedance
    > 70 Ω, < 1 nF, no DC offset
    Max. output voltage (RDS + MPX)
    9.0 V p-p
    Recommended RDS level
    3 - 11 % of MPX

    Appearance and Illustration 


    12V DC
    Power supply connector. See section 3.3 for details.
    Ethernet RJ-45 connector.
    Use a standard (direct) cat 5 Ethernet cable for connection to the Ethernet switch, router or wall-socket.
    The Ethernet control includes internal website (referenced as “Port 2”) and two independent user configurable general purpose ports (referenced as “Port 3” and “Port 4”) designated for remote control via TCP or UDP protocol.
    The encoder operates also with no cable connected.
    USB standard B type connector. This port is referenced as “Port 1”.
    Use the USB for initial setup of the encoder or for its local control.
    The encoder operates also with no cable connected.
    Output BNC
    RDS signal output to transmitter, modulated at 57 kHz subcarrier.
    If the Loop/Side switch is set to the LOOP position, the Output is a sum of the RDS signal and the signal fed to the Input BNC connector.
    Input BNC
    Optional input for synchronization to the pilot tone or for mixing the RDS signal with existing modulation signal.
    Allows the input signal to be added to the output signal.
    Optional logical inputs for direct control of some RDS services (TA, PROGRAM).
    The connector is a standard 6-pin PS/2 type.

    Packing List 
    1. 1pc 150W 1U FM Transmitter
    2. 1pcs FMUSER RDS-A Encoder
    3. 1pcs USB Cable
    4. 2pcs BNC Cable
    5. 1pcs 12V 2A Power supply

    Total:1299 USD

    Item:1299 USD   Shipping:0 USD


    How far(long) the transmitter cover?

    The transmission range depends on many factors. The true distance is based on the antenna installing height , antenna gain, using environment like building and other obstructions , sensitivity of the receiver, antenna of the receiver . Installing antenna more high and using in the countryside , the distance will much more far.

    EXAMPLE 5W FM Transmitter use in the city and hometown:

    I have a USA customer use 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in his hometown ,and he test it with a car, it cover 10km(6.21mile).

    I test the 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in my hometown ,it cover about 2km(1.24mile).

    I test the 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in Guangzhou city ,it cover about only 300meter(984ft).

    Below are the approximate range of different power FM Transmitters. ( The range is diameter )

    0.1W ~ 5W FM Transmitter :100M ~1KM

    5W ~15W FM Ttransmitter : 1KM ~ 3KM

    15W ~ 80W FM Transmitter : 3KM ~10KM

    80W ~500W FM Transmitter : 10KM ~30KM

    500W ~1000W FM Transmitter : 30KM ~ 50KM

    1KW ~ 2KW FM Transmitter : 50KM ~100KM

    2KW ~5KW FM Transmitter : 100KM ~150KM

    5KW ~10KW FM Transmitter : 150KM ~200KM

    How to contact us for the transmitter?

    Call me +8615915959450 OR
    Email me [email protected]
    1.How far you want to cover in diameter ?
    2.How tall of you tower ?
    3.Where are you from ?
    And we will give you more professional advice.

    About Us

    FMUSER.ORG is a system integration company focusing on RF wireless transmission / studio video audio equipment / streaming and data processing .We are providing everything from advice and consultancy through rack integration to installation, commissioning and training.
    We offer FM Transmitter, Analog TV Transmitter, Digital TV transmitter, VHF UHF Transmitter, Antennas, Coaxial Cable Connectors, STL, On Air Processing, Broadcast Products for the Studio, RF Signal Monitoring, RDS Encoders, Audio Processors and Remote Site Control Units, IPTV Products, Video / Audio Encoder / Decoder, designed to meet the needs of both large international broadcast networks and small private stations alike.
    Our solution has FM Radio Station / Analog TV Station / Digital TV Station / Audio Video Studio Equipment / Studio Transmitter Link / Transmitter Telemetry System / Hotel TV System / IPTV Live Broadcasting / Streaming Live Broadcast / Video Conference / CATV Broadcasting system.
    We are using advanced technology products for all the systems, because we know the high reliability and high performance are so important for the system and solution . At the same time we also have to make sure our products system with a very reasonable price.
    We have customers of public and commercial broadcasters, telecom operators and regulation authorities , and we also offer solution and products to many hundreds of smaller, local and community broadcasters .
    FMUSER.ORG has been exporting more than 13 years and have clients all over the world. With 13 years experience in this field ,we have a professional team to solve customer's all kinds of problems. We dedicated in supplying the extremely reasonable pricing of professional products & services.
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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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