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    What is the difference between magnetic and inductance

    What is the inductance, what is the magnetic?

    Turn over a coil used to inductively known as the coil, less than one turn (through magnetic ring wire) of the magnetic coil used to call it;

    Inductive energy storage device is, and is the magnetic energy conversion (consumption) devices;

    Power inductors for multi-loop filtering, multi-magnetic circuit signal used for EMC countermeasures;

    The main magnetic interference for the suppression of electromagnetic radiation, but inductors in this area will focus on conductive interference suppression. Which may be used to deal with EMC, EMI issues;

    General inductance circuit for the match and signal quality control. In the digital and analog integrated with the local magnetic beads.

    The beads have a high rate of resistance and permeability, equivalent to the resistance and inductance in series, but the resistance and inductance value with changes in frequency. He inductance than the better high-frequency filter characteristics in the high-frequency when a resistive, so in a very wide frequency range to maintain a higher impedance, thereby enhancing the filtering effect of frequency modulation.
    As a power filter, you can use inductors. The magnetic circuit inductance is symbolic, but the model can be seen using functional magnetic circuit, magnetic and inductive principle is the same, only the frequency characteristics of a difference in terminology.

    Beads by the oxygen composition of the magnets, coils and inductors from the core, the magnetic signals into a heat exchange, the exchange of storage inductors, the slow release out.
    Bead on the high-frequency signals can hinder a larger role in the general specifications of 100 European / 100mMHZ, when it is in the low-frequency resistance than the much smaller inductors.
    Ferrite beads (Ferrite Bead) is a rapid application of anti-components, low-cost, easy-to-use, high-frequency noise filter results are obvious.
    In the circuit as long as it can through the wire (I use are as common pattern of resistance, has been through the wire and glue, but also in the form of surface mount, but few see the sale). When the current through the wires, ferrite of low-frequency current with little resistance, and a higher frequency of the current decay will generate a larger role. In one high-frequency current to distribute in the form of heat, the equivalent circuit for an inductor and a resistor in series, the two components are related to the value proportional to the length of the bead. Many types of beads, the manufacturer should provide technical indicators, especially the magnetic resistance and the relationship between the frequency of the curve.
    Some beads on a number of holes, with wire through the components can increase the resistance (through the square of the number of beads), but when the increase in high-frequency noise suppression can not be as expected, but with more Several series of magnetic approach would be better.
    Ferrite is magnetic materials, will be adopted as a result of too much current and have a magnetic saturation, a sharp decline in permeability. Current structure of the filter should be used on specially designed bead, but also pay attention to the cooling measures.
    Ferrite beads can be used not only in the power circuit to filter out high frequency noise (can be used in DC and AC output) can also be used in other circuits, and its small size can be done. Particularly in the digital circuit, because of the high frequency pulse signal with high harmonics, the circuit is also a major source of high-frequency radiation, and so we can play a bead on these occasions.

    Ferrite beads is also widely used to filter out the noise of the signal cables.

    Often used to power the filter HH-1H3216-500, for example, the model followed by the meaning of the field:
    HH is a series, the main power supply for the filter, is used to signal line HB series;
    1, said a component of a package of beads, for 4 side-by-side is the package of four;
    H said that the composition of the material, H, C, M for the application of intermediate frequency (50-200MHz),
    T Application of low-frequency (50MHz), S Application of high-frequency (200MHz);
    3216 package size, long-3.2mm, width 1.6mm, that the 1206 package;
    500 impedance (typically 100MHz when), 50 ohm.
    Their products, there are three main parameters:
    Impedance [Z] @ 100MHz (ohm): Typical 50, Minimum 37;
    DC Resistance DC Resistance (m ohm): Maximum 20;
    Rated current Rated Current (mA): 2500.

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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