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  • Audio coding summary

    PCMU(G.711U) Type: Audio Maker: ITU-T Required bandwidth: 64Kbps (90.4) Features: PCMU and PCMA can provide better voice quality, but they occupy a higher bandwidth, requiring 64kbps. Advantages: excellent voice quality Disadvantages: higher bandwidt

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  • DVB-C video is transmitted in SPI interface and ASI interface

    There is video of two kinds of MPEG2 in the transmission interface of current DVB-C system equipment code shedding transmits interface standard: Asynchronous is serial interface ASI and SPI of synchronous and collateral interface. SPI altogether has

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  • What is the standard for adjusting the sound? What is the standard for adjusting the sound?

    Adjusting the sound is definitely a science. Many audio fans have listened to the audio for a lifetime, but never feel that the audio is not good enough, and finally announced to give up. This is the result of not adjusting the sound system. How to a

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  • Design a simple FM wireless microphone Design a simple FM wireless microphone

    1. Principle of wireless microphone The electronic microphone first converts various sound signals into audio electrical signals, and then this electrical signal modulates the high-frequency signals generated by the electronic oscillator. Finally, th

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  • Types and classifications of speakers

    The speaker is also known as the speaker system. It assembles high, medium and woofer speakers in a specially designed cabinet, and sends the high, medium and low frequency signals to the corresponding speakers through a crossover network for playbac

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  • Introduction to audio technology terms

    1. B standard stereo One of the stereo sound pickup methods uses two microphones with exactly the same sensitivity and directivity (commonly used cardioid directivity), and the distance between each other is about 1.5 to 2 meters (also can be reduced

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  • Audio processing-1 basic knowledge

    Audio Refers to the sound waves with a sound frequency between 20 Hz and 20 kHz that can be heard by the human ear. If you add a corresponding audio card to the computerthe sound card we often say, we can record all the sounds, and the acoustic cha

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  • Audio basic knowledge and coding principles Audio basic knowledge and coding principles

    1. Basic concepts 1) Bit rate: indicates how many bits per second the encoded (compressed) audio data needs to be represented, and the unit is usually kbps. 2) Loudness and intensity: The subjective attributes of a sound. Loudness indicates how l

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  • Basic knowledge of wireless microphones

    To popularize the knowledge of wireless microphones and briefly introduce to you the performance of each frequency band, use occasions, etc. The wireless microphone is divided into three frequency bands, the FM section. VHF section, and UHF section.

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  • MPEG-4 and H264 difference, coding and application

    MPEG4 is a compression technology suitable for surveillance   MPEG4 was announced in November 1998. The international standard MPEG4, which was originally expected to be put into use in January 1999, is not only for video and audio coding at a certai

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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