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IPTV Streaming Encoder

In a fast changing and highly competitive TV market, operators and TV service providers must deliver access to content on all screens, anytime, anywhere, while also reducing complexity and driving efficiency across all platforms. The FMUSER IPTV streaming encoder is designed to address the increasing demand for video delivery to internet and mobile devices.

FM Transmitter Application

Transmit any audio format to any standard fm receiver.Coverage is from 100M to 100KM .They are widely use at home, apartment, church, school, club,camping, backyard, Gym, resident village, conference, tourism, sports, supermarket and simultaneous translation etc.

Complete Set FM Radio Station

It include: FM transmitter, antenna,coaxial cable, mixer,microphones,audio processor ,BOP covers, headphones, speakers,telephone coupler , DVD player ,microphone stands, On Air LED warning etc. We have helped many clients build up the radio station range from 10km to 100km .

Studio Transmitter Link (STL)

We usually install the antenna and transmitter at the top of the mountain or tower. But the studio room is always in the city . Both of which were at least a mile away.
STL is for transmitting video and audio from studio to the remotely located transmitter (usually mountain top).

Digital Television Station

As you know , most of the countries has upgraded the cable TV station and analog TV station to digital TV station. Do you also want to build up a Digital TV Station to Make money ? We have the complete set digital TV station equipments and technology to help you build up the project and you can make money every month.

Low Power FM Transmitter High Power FM Transmitter
Wholesale FM transmitter TV Transmitter and Antenna
FM Antenna Cable and Accessories
FM Transmitter PCB RF Power Supply
RF Amplifier RF Transistor
FM Radio Other fm transmitter accessory
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