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  • Talking about the mobile live broadcast system

    Why do people watch live broadcasts? Because everyone has their own loneliness    Internet celebrities-everyone is familiar with this term, a group of people who live live their daily lives, or make funny videos, and quickly become popular.    After

    Posted at 21-04-07 by SKYSKY views(721)

  • IPTV audio and video coding and decoding technology

    In the current IPTV business, the choice of audio and video codec technology presents a three-pronged situation, namely MPEG4ASP, H.264 and AVS. Among them, MPEG4 and H.264 are standards of related international organizations, and AVS is the national

    Posted at 21-03-31 by SKYSKY views(1715)

  • Some experience in developing IPTV system

    With the prosperous application of the TV market, the disadvantages of the old IPTV system have become more obvious. More IPTV system operators, on-site hardware integrators, set-top box manufacturers, etc. all need to develop a set of IPTV systems w

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(810)

  • Inspur video transcoding acceleration solution to help the live broadcast platform transcoding upgrade

    In the era of the new digital economy, the demand for live video streaming has exploded-shopping live streaming, online education, online conferences, concerts... Many companies have begun to set foot in the field of online video, and video has becom

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(863)

  • Will the role-playing of AR/VR in virtual live broadcasts usher in the second spring of development?

    Even today, even with the advancement of technology and the promotion of major manufacturers, VR and AR are still niche. We have been able to build virtual spaces with the help of hardware devices, but the improvements expected by the public in terms

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(791)

  • What is the source code of the one-to-one live video system?

    The one-to-one video live broadcast system is the product of live broadcast + social. With the slowdown in the growth of traditional online video live broadcast platforms, industry application fields are gradually being subdivided, and the vast socia

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(1092)

  • What does direct broadcast satellite mean

    Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS for short) is a point-to-point broadcast of video, image, text, and sound programs through satellites for direct reception by the majority of users. According to International Telecommunications Union (ITU) regulations

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(1800)

  • How much do you know about the satellite TV live broadcast system (DBS)

    According to the definition of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), direct broadcast satellites are dedicated satellites used for broadcasting satellite services (BSS), and the so-called direct broadcast satellite system (DBS) refers to a

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(1181)

  • IPTV solution based on H.264

    IPTV is an interactive network TV, which is a brand-new service that uses broadband IP networks to provide users with online viewing of film and television programs. IPTV is a new business model of the Internet, and it is also a more flexible means o

    Posted at 21-04-06 by SKYSKY views(1011)

  • How to turn a regular surveillance camera into an Internet live broadcast

    In the mass live broadcast era, live broadcasts are everywhere, and live broadcasts have changed people's lives and work in all aspects. As the webcast application ecology becomes more and more perfect, you will find that many traditional monitoring

    Posted at 21-04-07 by SKYSKY views(821)

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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