Want to use radio wave only, possible need uses antenna with assisting electric wave blast off with receive; Aerial depends on working frequency paragraph, by low distinguish to Gao Ke for train in excess specified length wave, long wave, medium wave

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100kHz-30MHz active antenna please Click here to get our dipole antenna The spare radio lover that lives in the city often accepts the restriction of aerial and cannot satisfactory reception in distance, the signal that shortwave broadcasting stat

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Multivariate amount to brace up child aerial Half Zhen Zitian line and amount to Zhen Zitian the gain of the line is small, wave segment or section is broad, ahead and rear have identical reception ability, so they apply to signal only strong, distur

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please Click here to get our dipole antenna Moxon directional antenna, belong to line antenna basically, make with 14# lead, be in abroad at present extraordinary popularity. The characteristic is only 2 unit. One is driving unit, a reflector. The

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Model the characteristic of aerial: J antenna calls Polack aerial again, its characteristic is radiation angle of elevation low and have certain gain, efficiency is 1/4 GP antenna is duple. J antenna the part above is radiation paragraph, the part of

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Before two weeks, the friend helped me look for to build five of 441 95 into new car stage, paid silver, look at new bought car station, new! 35W! I fondle admiringly, come home to hook up with a young plant rapidly, receive on my switch power source

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The first kind: Long term aerial. The basis is used actually my and measure, long term the optimal physics length of aerial is the 3/4 length of the wavelengh below some frequency , namely L (rice) =225f (Mhz) . Of course, in its the meeting on times

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What is long term aerial How can you just call LONGWIRE ? Draw a line casually? NO! Go up strictly saying that is ANT of RANDOM   WIRE   only. The name of aerial should depend on here working frequency, if the length as it happens of aerial is half w

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