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    Of aerial dimension shorten


      In a lot of moment, to reduce aerial take up space, we often need to reduce the size of aerial. So how to fall in circumstance of aerial dimension reductive, does aerial still produce resonance well and truly? This is the issue that discusses below us.
        One root weak point the antenna at 1/4 wavelengh multiple is the sex that assume a look. Because it does not produce the reason with the compounds circuit of phasic relation and capacitance sex phasic syntonic and very similar concern of its electric current and voltage,this is. So, we can add an inductance to make aerial produces resonance on aerial. Graph 1 be occasionally extremely child aerial, the two arms of aerial are less than 1/4 wavelengh, at this moment we can receive an inductance to make aerial produces resonance respectively on two arms. Outfit of these two inductance makes an appointment with position of a few centimeter to be in than installing in the terminal that leaves aerial two upright effects of the arm are better, of inductance big little can obtain through experimental method. For example, the standing wave that we can pass test antenna

    is more appropriate than obtain those who increase outfit inductance amount is big little.

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        The lead that is a length half wavelengh is circled into gyroidal type, its effect and the antenna of a 1/4 wavelengh differ very few, this kind of design calls screw antenna. Because this kind of antenna can find what match to it to transmit cable rarely, this kind of antenna is so multi-purpose in the facility that does not need transmission cable, if carry phone, hand-held wireless interphone.
        Normally we call the antenna of 1/4 wavelengh whip shape antenna. This kind of antenna also is a few diminutive wireless a kind of antenna that sends and receive equipment to be used at most. Because get,be in in actual application the limitation of bulk, often always make it is less than 1/4 wavelengh the length of aerial, want to add inductance on aerial so, the to load means of inductance has 3 kinds: 1, bottom to load, 2, mid to load, 3, coping to load, if pursue,2 are shown. Means of to load of avery kind of has its advantage and drawback, look from mechanical angle, bottom to load is most ideal, but the radiation resistor of means of this kind of to load very low and because most energy is,come out from radiate of to load coil, efficiency is accordingly lower. The radiation resistor of mid to load can increase, but resonance should arise to have to have bigger inductance below this kind of circumstance, the position of to load is jumped over up, needs inductance is bigger. The antenna of coping to load is scarcer, because heavy inductance coil can make whole structure becomes cumbersome,this is, the mechanical intensity of aerial gets assuring hard. Will consider from each elements, the antenna of mid to load is best.
        The whip shape antenna of perpendicular erect can receive perpendicular polarization wave only, but sometimes we can sow 1/4 long antenna is made perpendicular the assorted structure antenna that is united in wedlock with horizontal photograph. Can receive perpendicular polarization wave to be able to receive horizontal polarization wave again already namely, below this kind of circumstance, we can be more than the length make it of vertical section 1/4 wavelengh, make aerial shows inductance sex, the coping in aerial forms a capacitance with a crisscross lead and vertical section and make aerial happening syntonic next, the structure of this kind of antenna is shown 3 times like the graph. Thinking stalks of grain

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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