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  • Test of TECSUN PL-550 PLL radio

    The PL-550 is manufactured by Tecsun. It is not available at retail in the U.S. and nearly all of the markings on the radio are in Chinese. The Tecsun is somewhat reminiscent of the old Sangean 803A, albeit much smaller physically. My evaluation unit

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    This is an UHF FM BUG with ButtonCell battery.This bug is 100% made from an old Nokia GSM phone! It operates at 434 MHz and reception can be achieved on a modified TV tuner or 70cm band HAM radio.

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  • DIY make a straight up double-tuned radio yourself

    Chinese New Year nothing to do, the big brother to the altar to learn to do radio play. Case is 30 years ago the antique, still above the Quotations from Chairman Mao. What is the circuit considered the election a long time, the old circuit is a

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  • Taste hand-conditioners

    If you simply listen to the radio, select a PL550 sufficient, because in terms of appearance, function, effect of view can meet the requirements. However, if it is to play the radio, or hand-tuning of better. I always felt: the number of shunting is

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  • Simple manipulation of such talk DE1106

    On the handling, the overall feeling of 1106 is much worse than 1102,1105, 1103 I did not, once played, and manipulation is relatively cheap, may 1106 followed the 1103's software design (after all, XYZ inside). Personally think that 1105 is the seri

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  • What is the difference between db and dbm ?

    You are in the right place, this article will tell you what is db and dbm and what difference between them.You will find everything you want to know about dband dbm.----- FMUSER DB is a pure count of unit: dB = 10logX. In fact, the significance of

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  • Superregenerative receiver

    This is a simple RF receiver mainly for low-distance digital radio receiver application. The analog output of this circuit should be connected to a schmitt-trigger signal conditioning circuit with a proper value capacitor (from collector of T3). L1 f

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  • DTS-10, 1103,1106, PL-310 in Fuzhou indoor reception FM, MW, SW evaluation

    At half past two p.m. on the January 1 local users will be DTS-10 sq pass me immediately with the battery and sq playing a half hour, during and 1103,1106, PL-310 compared the FM, MW and on the computer to receive Interference of anti-interference ab

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  • TECSUN PL-550 english user guide

    Posted at 08-12-07 by Admin views(4711)

  • Flower drum transfer trial DTS-10 radio and rp2100pk

    In late December 2009, broadcasting the forum was launched at the forum users musicradio 【celebrate double eggs, play happy, flower drum transmission - the new machine free trial activities】 deposit, I was fortunate to join this event, I was the firs

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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