Flower drum transfer trial DTS-10 radio and rp2100pk

In late December 2009, broadcasting the forum was launched at the forum users musicradio 【celebrate double eggs, play happy, flower drum transmission - the new machine free trial activities】 deposit, I was fortunate to join this event, I was the first North who received the machine, here to thank the sponsors of activities. December 31 apply through courier delivering the morning of a big package, look no obvious bump package traces, just outside the room as cool items, so wait for some time to open the package and see the machine screen with a distinct black mark , plug in the power saw with a clear LCD screen cracks, behind the two characters has not displayed properly. Heart was startled to see if the machine is broken, but fortunately, after power on, the radio transmission out singing my heart count fell from a stone, look on the bottom right corner of the screen shows a small digital display make up After the two large display numbers should be displayed frequency.

dts-10 portable radio volume or not this small, than my rp2100 also has about 6 mm width, height and thickness the same, so a comparison between the two machines is a good choice.

First, the acceptable range of comparison:

The machine name of the long-wave AM FM shortwave SSB (ssb)

dts-10 150 - 519 kHz 522-1620 kHz 1711 - 30000 kHz, 87 - 108 MHz with

rp2100 no 522-1620 kHz 1711 - 30000 kHz, 87-108 kHz, no

2, feature comparison:

The machine name of the storage platform editors preview button SSB FM gain ats timer switch

dts-10 1000 for English names can be stored in Taiwan have had to have three

rp2100 50 that do not have no no no no

3, performance comparison:

After two days of listening more and feel the results are as follows:

dts-10 at 189 kHz Long Wave only receive a Russian station. AM and rp2100 same sensitivity. Weak shortwave receivers around more than 20 units compared with the rp2100 is basically the same. Rp2100 stereo FM band is better than the dts-10, but the frequency selective dts-10 slightly better than the rp2100, because I can not get away to a local FM station, far away from us recently to FM 150 is also km can not compare who is better receiver sensitivity, frequency sensitivity and feel very close to the two machines. As I am not near the domestic SSB radio, so sbb feature is not tested.

dts-10 with the line output, line input is very useful, so I tried out the radio were music to amplifiers, effects feel good. Using line input jack to listen to de1121 play mp3 music sound very appealing, than de1121 speakers sounded a lot better.

Test power consumption: bright screen lights lights switched off when the maximum current work

dts-10 1 毫安 240-250 mA 110 mA 20 mA

rp2100 0.2 毫安 30 mA 80 mA 220 mA

As the dts-10 is a safety and health in the development of a high-end digital radio, with digital input keypad, turn to listen, ats search for storage, it is a dominant victory in the function rp2100, but the basic receiver sensitivity and the 2100 fair, the sensitivity to be able to be break even more satisfactory.

4, problems:

As the test machine, and therefore need to identify weaknesses in the formal factory to factory to improve the machine better.

1, the volume knob on the machine to do small, compared with the above sense of proportion Shuttle, another does not feel good. Then there are the small pit above the shuttle on re-handle larger the better.

2, dts-10 machine bad internal power supply filtering. Hum large, will turn it down to a minimum, in half a meter outside the exchange can be heard buzzing. The rp2100 to do well, almost close to the speakers need to hear.

3, using the rechargeable battery will generate income bands Taiwan am not normal. I plugged the machine to listen to each band AC units are collected at the normal, after using battery-powered units only receive the normal FM band, other bands are not at normal sets, but then disconnect the AC power supply with AC plug other bands can also be normal collection station, and then turn it on without shutdown normal. Interior design may be, to explain my use of the rechargeable battery 1, 4 V battery voltage of about 5 near the boot after about 4.8 volts. Also in the power cord plugged into the machine, plug the other end of the power there will be no boot with radio frequency display, the screen lights bright though the battery has power and speaker is silent, and this needs to be improved. rp2100 this will not automatically switch to battery.

4, dts-10 display shows the temperature was comfortable, the temperature is always 2-4 degrees in change, and my room temperature at 22-25 degrees.

5, this power can not be brought inside the machine to charge the internal rechargeable battery is a very regrettable that the design of this rp2100 to do good, that the radio can be powered and can charge the battery inside the machine, which is very useful function.

6, the machine functions well with ats, ats is found mainly in Taiwan, the local FM band only 10 units, while the machine automatically ats to the frequency of 90 megabytes when stored in 40 page full deposit will be full, storage units must Most are useless noise, and therefore reduce the sensitivity of ats keep Taiwan, so that it can store some useful radio.

In short, through a short trial, found many advantages of this machine, the sound than the smaller machines have improved significantly, which can be replaced by a small speaker, but felt the sound quality should be improved treble, of course, a speaker with the radio difficult to balance the high Bass demand balance. I used to buy gifts Degen 1106 show large headphones headphones to feel the sound is good, noise is also small. As the machine relatively large power consumption, power supply inside the machine itself is also another band with a 6-volt external power jack, so usually listen better to use AC power.

dts-10 in improving the existing problems, should be another one worth looking forward to the radio amateur, it is worth playing the machines.


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