Troy PL310 DSP radio is good or bad

Almost a month ago, Le GG, where the flight bought a PL310, serial number is: 35720091101298. Used for so long, it came out and said that what the.
1, high sensitivity: Compared to German students in the past any one machine, this machine is undoubtedly the best sensitivity on Troy in the FM machine basically no major achievement, but This machine has broken the historical practice of FM sensitivity is very good!
2, moderate price: we all know, the number of German students can enter the frequency tuning machines, the price has been high, while the more famous of the BCL3000 close to 400 yuan price highest price figures show simulation machine top! But this PL310 family in Germany can be said that low-cost health pioneer, digital tuning, enter the frequency of price was only about 200 yuan, compared to PL600 to air this band as a selling point, its technology is to use it 4 years ago, 1103 machine, this is obviously a high cost DSP radio digital tuning.
3, electronic volume knob: This is undoubtedly a good design, not 1103, would like to adjust the volume must first click VOL key, the operation much simpler and a lot of
4, according to the length of the boot: This is another way to break the German health initiatives in the past! PL series before a start off on the state of sleep, have to be able to transfer about long start, this operation is undoubtedly a major breakthrough!
5, low power consumption: even come to buy an electric charge now, and the test machine where the battery is also used from 1103 for one week out of test, re-use in the PL310 on a week to recharge before
6, the preview function: this function well, you can preview before you remove the radio, so as to avoid deletion. This action reflects the German health human side of design
7, screen display toggle: This feature can be a matter of time, temperature, alarm time and signal strength & signal to noise ratio, a good feature.
8, Tray speaker: speaker similar to the kind of speakers that the tray with the small speakers, the sound out of speakers sound better than the film, but compared to PL600, still a little gap, but the machine is so small, can do this sound effects, it is good.
1, selective serious shortcomings: it is really no choice! Many people say that PL310 is the FM God Machine, God Machine God Machine, but a lot of adjacent channel stations are mixed. To 106.1 (Guangzhou Radio traffic broadcasts), 106.2 (Shenzhen Radio traffic broadcasts) as an example, with the PL310 to receive the two stations in the fighting, into two units were not received; with the 1103 receiver, 106.1 can receive, but rustling, 106.2 is the reception (premise: two machine receiving location, direction, time, length of the rod antenna are the same). Some people say that partial adjustment could solve this problem, I think this is ridiculous, since the radio frequency reported is 106.10, then why did I have to 106.12,106.15 to receive it? Yes, it can enhance the listening experience, but this is a test, rather than the general listening.
2, short-wave sounds rolling is not normal: short-wave sounds rolling is a very normal thing, but how will say here is not normal? One night I used to receive both 1103 and PL310 7280 (RFA Cantonese), 1103, will tackle the undulating sound good, no ups and downs, and PL310 treated very bad, sound great ups and downs, with the machine stall almost. (Prerequisite: Office 1103 is transferred to broadband, and PL310 bandwidth is set to 4K)
3, electronic volume problem: this is divided into two aspects. 1, using the 1103 design was reviled around the world, no matter how you adjust the volume before the start knob, boot volume before shutdown after all, this was once a 1103 action bad evidence, used in the PL310 body, I do not know Troy fans viewpoint? 2, the volume change in uniform, especially a 10-level volume, suddenly becomes loud together.
4, sleep timer: Troy for many years the design of most non-human! Sleep off time is fixed, not arbitrary custom, only these time periods in 01,05,10,15,30,45,60,75,90,120 off, if I want to turn 70 After the shutdown, no was elected, unlike the 1103, very random. The design of the PL series of the early applications of the machine, and also spent more than 10 years, how would not change for a while?
5, Shenmeipilao appearance: this issue is just contact with German students may incorrectly thing, PL series has always been like this since the appearance of a small change, especially after the machine PL200, essentially the same! Many people say this looks good, I said you look on the N front of this year, do not you tired? I was thoroughly tired, and how such a large production of the radio business, it would not change about the appearance of it?
6, key question: This is said in three areas: 1, key slow: about one second after pressing the buttons appear after the number, like fast tuning is undoubtedly a very slow; 2 buttons still no light: that it is really urgent solution, PL series up to now there is not a backlight button, but the screen backlight R9700DX has done, this is a very easy issue to resolve it, 1103 did in 4 years ago, although there is loose contact backlit keys, backlight also uneven, but this does not solve Taiwan election night, no light problem? Unreasonable for us to choose banner flashlight sets right? 3, and volume buttons: button pressed, the volume increased a bit for no reason, do not know if this is the case of individual machines, not heard of other owners raised.
7, cross-band operation: This issue has been down down, listen to the band is only able to enter the frequency band, If you want to listen to the FM frequency when the input SW, it does not work, this method may refer to 1103, the input frequency later confirmed band, so listen to them more convenient.

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