Code R801 impression very early

Today, companies move through a very typical and R801 Sun Hey listed machine, I and many fans took part in the Canton Forum event, had the honor to listen and failed to match the R801 and other machines, also met a lot of you senior wide forum, harvest deep. I will briefly discuss the following under their own views on the R801.
15:00 can not, I broke into the 3rd floor, very typical company, has shown signs of R801, feeling the momentum of a very large moment, that 3880 yuan very small very small. Took 3880 yuan in exchange for a R801, light from the appearance point of view, have been very value is the value! In total from last year has seen R801 posted the pictures online look at R801 pictures of yesterday, never had any momentum that R801, in the mind, is the feeling of the machine than the 711 red light points to be big. Has also been published although the total size of over R801, but no specific parameters gesture carrying out a shape, so did not appreciate the R801's size is what kind of concept.
Read the paper version of the logs posted before looking chicken wing wood, rosewood, walnut, etc. version, feel the effect of wood stick to leather not worse than the other three kinds of valuable wood go. 4 appearance of the product line, designed to be in place, although at first sight feels is the narrow version of Kent 5050 (also just a little small), but a closer comparison, there are a lot of very typical elements of their own inside. In short, giving the impression that the Ministry is very worthy of the "Ashkenazi" radio.
Hear what the effect of R801, feeling very good, there are the traditional Kent knocking sound, compared with the 5050 site, feel very close. Of course, this has always benefited from a strong line on the tube to enlarge the understanding and application. Very typical radio environment, the company site is not very good, a lot of us are familiar with the radio station received is not very clear, we are a live test machine, noise, laughter, cheers one, listening environment is not very good, so I Listen carefully to the sound quality is not the machine and receive performance. Because of insufficient money on hand, I did not order the first batch of R801, so the sound quality and reception for the performance of the machine, purchased with the machine rely on friends to detail.
On the tuning part of the handle, because the internal use of the flywheel and the bearing design, adjust up and still feel pretty good, not tight not loose, uniform intensity, very touch. But now I have the Hitachi compared to radio tuning head, still feel a bit different.
Volume knob, tuning knob and other antique copper plastic bag method is actually very 50's flavor, but the personal feeling of the color of plastic or light the point, a bit bright side of modern. If the time to stress the deep color point, tune into the same color knob with 5050, I think it will be even more look better.
The dial, the dial I do not have very carefully observed, but the feeling is not made of glass, do not know if the beer glass or acrylic? If it is not glass, I suggest the total for the glass will have it better. In addition the frequency dial on the narrow sense of a point instructions, good enough for the appearance of the atmosphere, if we can dial the frequency display re-designed more than a long 1 / 2, may be more ideal, and increase the tuning trip more help tuning accuracy.
Dial to the left in the AFC with a lever and FM-ST LED instructions, the lights are bright spots? If you change the display to dim point, do not know better. (Guangzhou 6 transmigration brother recommended)
Cat's eye position can not change other parts to try, now located in the right tuning lever, there is a forum of Friends of the afternoon, when tuning, because of his big hands, like a little cat is blocked, and Oh.
Afternoon with the R801 probably have more than one hour of exposure, except for a lucky draw and the opening ceremony and look at other machines, the actual close intimate contact less than 10 minutes, so many of R801 did not explore the advantages and superior to others close to that The only words a rookie, deficiencies, also hope the general forum of Friends of the total correction had.
Finally, there is a few words, said: 1,2010 years have a wish is to seek to buy a R801; 2, R801 so the atmosphere was, for some that is not buttoned his wife off and privately purchased, usually put cupboard, night out to listen in friends, I suggest you do not buy, because you do not buy local Tibetan! 3, or even in love with the air, even if the R801 uses the air, then I want to cry three times: Long live the great code! Long live the old have!

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