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If you simply listen to the radio, select a PL550 sufficient, because in terms of appearance, function, effect of view can meet the requirements. However, if it is to play the radio, or hand-tuning of better. I always felt: the number of shunting is stored in the radio to listen to the voice inside, hand-tuning of hearing is from the distant waves.
To 9700DX, for example, to talk about my feelings:
1, Appearance appearance, crisp and concise.
2, excellent radio performance, a hand-tuning of the model.
3, tuned damping fit, feel good, easy treadmill.
4, tuning the background of the window light is very beautiful, so do not use power-saving issues to consider, the background light has been open with a full radio's "high" number of transfer machines with relatively light background, even more radio character.
5, frequency range of 87-108 trillion, better. The reason I will be an advantage as the FM reception range is not the same as FM and shortwave, this is not within the image. Transfer machine in the hands of a band if the receiving frequency range is too wide dynamic range is too short to manually tune the radio to suffer too close, such as short-wave in the collection. The 9700DX feeling is: slowly tuning the radio, stereo indicator lights up first, there will herald the arrival of a radio station, when the alignment, the tuning indicator with light, wonderful stereo spread ears, the sound is clear, clean, pleasant, heart a thrill. Tuning up and down slightly, the sound has not changed, you can feel the width of radio frequency and automatic gain curve effect, you will find it here on both sides of a cry from the station. Slowly tuning out the two lights in succession, but also a stereo indicator lights up. . . . . . Source is the feeling of playing machine so!
6, good sound quality, both sound very nice headphones or speakers. Speaker clear treble, bass obviously, there is the taste of speakers, headphones low frequency potential of the deep, there are players feel really comfortable.

Of course, 9700DX, there are many shortcomings, users have comments, but deserves to be hand-tuning of the classic.
9700DX has been very old, is not to have a new machine to replace it? With the subsequent products, we may pull some posture Imagine:
1, a positive image can be copied 9700DX, but to change the design after the taper. Right you can have the PL550 moved here three knob, as a "courageous challenge to domestic and foreign similar products," Radio, sensitivity adjustment knob is necessary. Also the way the left can PL550 layout, but do not go so deep concave.
2, 9700DX two background light control switch, one button to change the delay for the Anzhuo light, release may be better to destroy.
3, shell, antenna, after the stent to increase the mechanical strength of a number.
4, is the most important point. A radio station how much income, not only with the sensitivity of the radio, but also with the frequency range of the receiver, 9700DX Lacunary here, not the whole band. Because of the confidential tone hands is not easy to do this, the band switch can not be too much, no place to install, can easily fail. Old one shortwave band radio reception range is wide, such as 4-12 trillion ,6-18 trillion, is difficult to receive accurate, easy treadmill, and 9700DX wave segment is 0.5 trillion each band, to close up as large as the Polish . In fact, listen to shortwave radio, sound quality is secondary, to receive, listen carefully to the main. Can not compromise about, do not take the so-called meter band, the reception range of each band change for a while? Such as the reception range of each band to 2 trillion. 3.5-7.5 trillion ,9-23 with three bands with seven bands trillion, or 10 short, but the reception area into a 3.5-23 trillion, nearly the whole band, radio station and does not feel too crowded. This will not increase the component count, as long as the change in the parameters of components, in other words, no extra cost.
5, the appearance of craft up and down a little effort, then the next level, "courageous than similar products at home and abroad."

Engineers do not know German students are not interested!

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