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Have monolayer to cross emissive antenna completely, accurate double deck (monolayer + reflex) , double deck, the 4 different structure type such as the layer, gain is tall, standing wave is small, frequency band is broad. Have design of the waterpro

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In a lot of moment, to reduce aerial take up space, we often need to reduce the size of aerial. So how to fall in circumstance of aerial dimension reductive, does aerial still produce resonance well and truly? This is the issue that discusses below u

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please Click here to get our dipole antenna

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Still remember the Zepp Ant in front? If we apply it in the frequency of VHF above, that Mo the after of its Size decrescent we change it very easily into perpendicular erect. It became half perpendicular antenna. Appearance is like J , if pursue 7 (

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[not third] as person of V/U wave band gas increases, abstained 8 wood antenna to become popular topic again. Last centuries 20 time, the 8 wood of Japanese northeast university are beautiful second with eaves two people invented Tian Tai 郞 this kind

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If will see standing wave comparing can express be with the viewpoint of power / of Pr) of of Po + of of SWR = ((Pr of of Po - ) Po: Enter the power Pr of aerial system: Ji of the low Xi that remove porcelain blows You Yu You grave Course operation S

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Aerial has 100 thousand to plant only alone horizontal idol extremely aerial (DIPOLE ANTENNA) , simple economy, efficiency tall. Horizontal idol extremely the impedance below aerial standard circumstance is 73 ohm, the graph is a standard establish a

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