please Click here to get our dipole antenna Standing wave comparing Return loss Transmission loss Voltage reflexes coefficient Transmission power Power reflex (DB) (DB) (COEFF) (℅) (℅) 1.

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The radio equipment of deferent information needs any support electromagnetic wave aerial. Aerial is one kind turns can implement. When blast off, it changes the high frequency electric current of catapult into dimensional electromagnetic wave. When

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Aerial is converter of a kind of energy, its action is the signal of high frequency concussion that exports machine of post a letter changeover is electromagnetic wave to the radiate in sky, on the other hand, transmit the electromagnetic wave change

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Half Zhen Zitian line and amount to Zhen Zitian the gain of the line is small, wave segment or section is broad, ahead and rear have identical reception ability, so they apply to signal only strong, disturb little place, should receive a dot to leave

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Half semmetry brace up child with line of make a present of match General reception equipment (like the television) its input characteristic impedance to be 75 (lopsided pattern) or 300 balance type, half semmetry brace up child output is: M blows?5

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FM-DV2 occasionally extremely child aerial Frequency limits 87.5-108MHz Gain 4.5dBd Perpendicular polarization Directional radiate, group blast agile Stainless steel / copper brace up child Can undertake null fill-in and beam declination by the requi

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A lot of netizens had made many emissive circuit edition, also had used a lot of antenna, but have a fever friendly people always seek efficient emissive antenna, this kind of crossed antenna of the following introduction is the emissive antenna with

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Be in a few in in the high frequency emissive equipment of small-power, use normally multilayer cross half twists and turns adds up to Zhen Zifa to shoot aerial. The characteristic of this kind of antenna is a structure simple erect is convenient, it

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