Symmetrical brace up child

Symmetrical brace up child be a kind classical, use the most extensive antenna up to now, individual half symmetrical Zhen Zike establishs the ground simply to use alone or use the source of make a present of that regards paraboloid as aerial, also can use half many semmetry brace up child compositive antenna blast. Two arms length is equal brace up child be called semmetry brace up child.
Every arm length is 1/4 wavelengh, full-length be 1/2 wavelengh brace up child, weigh half semmetry brace up child, see graph 1.2 A. Additional, still have half a kind of different semmetry brace up child, can regard Zhen Zishe of semmetry of will complete wave as to synthesize narrow long rectangular draw a frame round, and Quan Bo semmetry brace up child photograph of two end points is folded, this narrow long rectangular draw a frame round calls amount to brace up child, attention, amount to brace up child length also is to be 1/2 wavelengh, reason calls half amount to brace up child, see graph 1.2 B.

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