Tear open close brace up child J antenna

  Amount to of a kind of be similar in shape brace up child perpendicular polarization antenna, be called " SLIM JIM " aerial, already applied extensively in professional communication domain. Spare communication is planted fine thin amount to brace up child J antenna also got favor.
This kind " amount to brace up child J antenna " if pursue,be shown. Its characteristic is: Radiation angle of elevation is extremely low, it is about between 10 ° of 0 ~ , have the gain of 3dB, of aerial duple, because aerial oneself is had,match a function, can join with 50 Ω coaxial cable directly. 

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  The data shows, the GP antenna of the horizontal 5/8 wavelengh of SLIM JIM antenna goes out even by force a lot of, seeing its advantage is very apparent. For the experiment this is planted of aerial send and receive function, the author carries mount amount to on the head in residential building brace up child J antenna. With standing wave the watch determines drop of report of position of its feed spot makes an appointment with λ from the lower end / 8 when, its standing wave is controlled in 1 05 than making an appointment with (the person that apply must actual measurement fixed position, this reachs above frequency to 150MHz paragraph communication is very important inside city, when using this antenna with 150MHz 3W mobile phone, but the outskirts that understand 20km is in. Although have the interference of many paging stages, but its communication leans. For the experiment its DX function, with TK - output of power of 708 machine 25W, QSO can be made with the HAM inside the Nanjing city outside 80km in evening, the other side gives RS to accuse. Reach the influence of climate because of more interference by day, the odds of QSO is opposite a few less. Above experiment proves, amount to brace up child J antenna is made, installation, debug all relatively GP antenna is simple, and efficiency is taller. Those who need a specification is, after some HAM are installing this antenna, with one plastic hard canal is covered protection serves as on aerial. But the difference that provides quality because of horniness model, cover after going up in aerial, may affect standing wave comparing, try to notice in application please.

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