Suit self-restrained cabinet antenna


Truly cabinet, suit to abstain, complete the CobWebb antenna to 7dBi gain.
Former contriver is British G3TPW,
Website: Http://

14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz 5 wave band, 7dBi gain, size wants 2.6 meters of square only.
Much smaller than Moxon antenna bulk, and complete to without blind area, do not need to walk back and forth with steering gear.
EHam is pretty good still to the evaluation of this antenna, Http://

Contriver markets finished product antenna, the price about 300 pound.

There is partial lover to abstain a success on the net, want the fishing rod of glass reinforced plastics of 5 4-5 rice only, 50 meters of lead, can abstain easily,
It is the space suffers be restricted the first selection antenna of Ham, everybody starts work simultaneously will do.

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Contain used blueprint paper:
It is imperial dimension, him everybody is changed. 25.4 Mm 1 of 1 inch of = foot = 12 inches oneself calculate the specification that matchs about impedance:
Contriver says those who match to his antenna is gamma, but what self-restrained Ham majority uses is 1: The Ba Lun of 1.
Additionally Ham tells 2 brace up child 3 inches between gap is very significant to matching. Use 1: 1 Ba Lun, begin to adjust to the order of tall wave band according to small wave band, begin from 14MHz first, next 18MHz, 21MHz, 24MHz. Saw this antenna, it is relatively a few easier that the feeling is done, and material is relatively cheap also, the place with unidentified the following consults:

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1 , trouble explains the character in basket casing, some are ambiguous, it is not clear to look.

2, is the dimension in green casing the size that estimates along the fixed dot of line of strut bar guide from center?

3, the feed dot of a few wave band is direct link be together?

4, the central place that whether is the opposite one side that chooses in feed a clipping electrical wiring? (it is double stranded that I see electrical wiring, clipping is it seems that on the photograph of other, it is not clear to look on the graph) 1, Approx 3" GAP (about 3 inches of interval) , see not clear measure most on 1 is 5 feet 6 inches, additionally 2 one is 4 feet 10 inches, one is 4 feet 5 inches. (actually you can be calculated according to proper motion of the Pythagorean therom)

2, correct.

3, correct.

4, 2 all clipping, those 3 inches of interval rely on insulating material join.


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