In radio of course of study, the antenna of 1/4 wavelengh should be a kind of antenna with the simplest and not poor also effect so it has proportion of quite a few in radio group. Cite a case: If you have the antenna that the antenna on word patron

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Aerial is the tool that receiver takes signal, use 8 wood for the most part with the antenna that receives at long-range FM broadcasting (YAGI) antenna, the unit number of 8 wood antenna receives an effect receive range, unit number is more, criterio

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Want to do a few each frequency of late paragraph 8 wood are directional aerial, saw a few about 8 wood the book of directional antenna, summed up the following experience (the rule) , it is the thing on the book, the likelihood is not certain and co

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8 wood antenna makes FM3 unit: Optional diameter is the material that make the copper of 6~8mm, aluminium or stainless steel canal, I chose the stainless steel control of the easiest draw materials to make namely, whole deputy antenna sparkles shine

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8 wood antenna is one kind is brought to aerial, by an active many passive Zhenzi places Zhen Zihe to go up in same plane, and perpendicular at join the metallic lever of their center. General a passive brace up child for reflector, the passive of th

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J antenna is theoretic Ba Lun does not need when the gain that has 3db is installed, and bottom can be installed receive with earth edge on iron lever, facilitate prevent thunder. Oneself get J of one finished product antenna occasionally, but use fr

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Introduce: . . . . . . . . . 8 wood of.YAGI(aerial) in radio transmission efficiency, should be a kind of the best antenna, point to character because of what this kind of antenna has tall gain, so extensive use is ordering the news report of S

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The emissive fundamental of aerial is: Report travel in order to approach smooth rate in conductor, when the discontinuous dot in encountering conductor, it can be reflexed to answer signal source. If electric current is to hand in,change, and reflex

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