Horizontal idol extremely the effective erect method of aerial

Aerial has 100 thousand to plant only alone horizontal idol extremely aerial (DIPOLE ANTENNA) , simple economy, efficiency tall.
Horizontal idol extremely the impedance below aerial standard circumstance is 73 ohm, the graph is a standard establish a method, the component direction of aerial is become all the time line, it is OK also that the pillar of both sides can use a building or other shaft is replaced like bamboo pole. When the electric wave frequency that operates when your radio equipment is low, if want erect the level of one standard occasionally extremely aerial, must come on broader plane erect. This is the limitation with the biggest city. But, differ want consummate standard standard surely occasionally extremely aerial, also can drive V model (if pursue 2) , come so area length is OK and a lot of more economic, also need to use pillar of a center only at the same time.
Horizontal idol extremely the relation of aerial angle and impedance
Horizontal idol extremely the impedance when aerial is 180 degrees to electric department point of view is 73 ohm; Begin narrow from 180 degrees of angle, its impedance also can drop gradually subsequently. 150 68 ohm are when spending, 120 58 ohm are when spending, 105 Shi Gang is 50 ohm very, narrower point of view 90 42 ohm are when spending, 60 degrees of Shi Gang fall a 23 ohm.
Accordingly, when the transmission line that if use the coaxial cable of 50 ohm,serves as aerial, 150 degrees angle is optimal. Graph 3 it is horizontal idol extremely the comparison that the angle of aerial leaves ground height and impedance.

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Can know from this chart; When the level occasionally extremely the point of view of aerial is same, and when the height on the ground of aerial is different, also can produce the situation with different impedance likely. For example: Your level occasionally extremely when aerial stretchs angle to be 120 degrees, the height leaving the ground of aerial is 0.56 wavelengh, 0.73 wavelengh, 1.15 wavelengh when (the circumstance of 21MHz is 7.95 meters, 10.37 meters, 16.33 meters of) , at that time the impedance of aerial fell however 50 ohm.
Want erect a group of efficient levels occasionally extremely aerial, must notice the above-listed item. Besides. Following project also asks special attention: Aerial component avoids to stand by electric China layout and electric line of force as far as possible.
Aerial main body all around if leave general electrical wiring too close, not only the impedance that can affect change antenna, and can generate electric wave interference. The space of above of a wavelengh is the best, both cannot when give attention to two or morethings, also avoid aerial component and electrical wiring parallel as far as possible please, and use one tall the means erect of one low or mutual across. In encounter have reinforced concrete edifice, iron and steel, with other metal kind the influence that the Yi Youxiang below the circumstance is the same as, also ask special attention so.
Balance and lopsided converter (the use of BALUN)
Horizontal idol extremely aerial itself is balance type (BALANCE) but coaxial cable is lopsided pattern however definitely (UNBALANCE) , when another name for Guangdong Province receives the cable of lopsided pattern to list the antenna that balances type, use balance and lopsided converter with respect to need, but the Jian Jia that the converter price QI that general city makes work abstains than a group however occasionally extremely aerial price is high, below this kind of circumstance, need not converter also is possible, want afore-mentioned item to be able to notice only, use actually rise to because of,also be done not have problem.
Horizontal idol extremely when aerial is being adjusted, can leave the two end of aerial component 30 centimeter very first the left and right sides is perpendicular dangerous, the attention side another sees standing wave compare a list, cut off 5 centimeter of 3 ~ to control length at the same time, arrive all the time till lowest of standing wave comparing, this is the simplest adjustment one of methods.
Erect pours V level occasionally extremely when aerial, the most important is the problem between the safety that should note person. When because become,radio machine blasts off, horizontal idol extremely aerial itself can produce Gao Zhoubo electricity, and in all the tall cycle tension of two end is the strongest. So, if want erect this antenna, please as far as possible the place that erect is less than in person feeling, such ability are safer, perhaps ask indicative danger to note a sign.

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