144MHZ antenna of 9 8 wood


. . . . . . . . . 8 wood of.YAGI(aerial) in radio transmission efficiency, should be a kind of the best antenna, point to character because of what this kind of antenna has tall gain, so extensive use is ordering the news report of Sunday run surely. In news report of radio of Yu of course of study, this kind of antenna is used normally do Sunday run communication to use, ham people can use antenna of tropism of GP not in the proper way and connection of the other side to go up first normally, like that antenna of after reoccupy YAGI aims place of the other side, like that after begins correspondence. In other words this kind of antenna cooperates an antenna to rotate even implement the effect that ability produces it, because this kind of antenna is like what did not aim the other side to project a drop, the effect can compare the GP antenna that does not have gain to differ so this kind of antenna is being used on must cooperate a group of antenna to rotate motor ability can achieve first-rate result!

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. . . . . . . . . . This group of antenna are made with aluminium, material can be bought all right in aluminous material, in make when cannot finding material, can use marred TV antenna to change one's costume or dress.  

. . . . . . . . . . Above all will advocate dimension designation is explicit, undertake cutting into parts curiuming reaching drilling a hole again. Caution requires when drilling a hole, beard of central Kong Bi and advocate perpendicular, the construction that depend on a graph finishs after, adjust the most importantly namely corrective. When adjust, aerial height had better leave the ground two meters of above, and be far from metal and build thing, express with defect wave first with aerial cross-linking, fine tuning capacitance is in about the position of 20 PF, adjust short circuit club to make aerial resonance is inside two meters of wave band, like that after takes watch of cave in wave to receive electrify cabled yarn, standing wave compares a list, reach catapult, begin to adjust capacitance and short circuit strong position, compare in order to obtain lowermost standing wave. This antenna length makes an appointment with two meters, ask careful installation to avoid to be by the high tension line construction. This antenna gain has 15dB about, the result is satisfactory, most after wishs you the test is successful

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Attention: Interphone, "Taxi " the car carries a station, when blasting off, signal is perpendicular polarization, open aerial also wants perpendicular polarization installation.


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