Maize antenna erect is small write down

Before two weeks, the friend helped me look for to build five of 441 95 into new car stage, paid silver, look at new bought car station, new! 35W! I fondle admiringly, come home to hook up with a young plant rapidly, receive on my switch power source, clear call sound with respect to in a steady stream ceaseless, the sound that hits afterwards a lot of, so my hand stage is in I often cannot open relay inside this Lou Qun. Nevertheless the experiment sends a distance continuously still not far, receive the result not ideal also. My machine can be 35W! Why not far?
The old HAM beside begins to teach me: "You see you this place, the building is quite tall, but you live 2 buildings, on the side group hill surrounds, how likely is the effect good? The secondarily of power of emissive far and near of broadcasting station, important is height and antenna, the state of ham is to use the least power to send farthermost place. . . . . . . You! Wear maize rapidly! Wrap your thoroughly remould oneself. . . . . . . . . . . . "

I am foolish nod again and again saying is, begin next demoniac like every day club of " of talk on and on. . . . Maize. . . Maize. . . . . . . . "

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This club is not so simple, cent becomes maize and line of make a present of two parts, maize basically divides fontal city and Ren Qiu in the market two large a group of people of same interest, what friends install have, length divides rice again, 4 meters wait for a few kinds, good to prove oneself club, the friend that one caboodle brought maize is hit into posse, the club that says oneself can send tens of kilometers continuously, can Heibei of communication and liaison of what, I am a little dizzy, got, read line of make a present of first. . Line of make a present of also is very important one link, line of bad make a present of can eat off a lot of signal, so the line is close friends! Was opposite, forgot to say, my home is in 2, but building top is in 17, 18, so line of this make a present of is about to fly 559 meters. . . Again old HAM says again: "Are you mad you? Did not hear of those who pull so far flying line to wear maize, signal went to be done not have on the way, persuade what you are free from anxiety to make your young plant, did not remember with concern. . . .. I refuse to obey, how can await one's doom, I am about to try. . . It is good that the block of line of make a present of is worth Yue Xiaoyue, so I am mixed in 75 Europe make choice of of 50 Ou Li face of 50 ohm, of course the price poor also many, degree of finish is thicker allegedly better, so I choose the thick route of 75, of course, still have 90 thick, but may practical effect is similar, and be disturbed to reduce, choose route of double screen make a present of, ha, good, line so calm! Maize, hit a phone to give the trader that mixes greatly door, as it happens just arrived two meters of spring cities of 4 produce maize, be it! The decision purchases club at going in the morning Saturday, the friend that made an appointment with a few to be close friends additionally helps erect, span from building top after all 956 layer wearing antenna are not the business that my person can do.

Remember an issue suddenly, this building top seemed to be installed by property a door lock of super and solid guard against theft strong, how can this be good? Saying this building again is new new building, swing a root does home of the bearer below big flying line do what? The feel uncertain of phut of the phut in the heart, do adventitious with respect to all one's previous efforts wasted. . . . . . The solution is 3 parts: 1. Seek guidance of relation dredge property, ask a person rapidly. 2. Produce our association letter, explain we are completely lawful, ask them to coordinate the work. 3. The staff member of key giving a canal sends Gong Dashan. Ah, claver does not say, became! Of the property manager light up with pleasure when the class to I am one above the big key that has about a hundred key board, say: This is the key of whole building, the attention is safe. . . The rapture in my heart, what there is on key board central distribution room, pump room, elevator. . . I found the key of door of guard against theft carrying a layer on the head, hahahaha, all things is had, owe east wind only!

Claver does not say, saturday early in the morning, go straight towards ZhongGuanCun to be mixed greatly continuously with respect to drive car, 200 yuan 438 central frequency choose stick, line of make a present of 60 meters, every meters 6 yuan, , it is more than 300, two connect 10 yuan, all doing come down solder has been afternoon very at 1 o'clock. Hurry rapidly the friend that along the road received me, took electric hammer and stand again (guard against the building cannot secure aerial) very, two cars go straight towards my home continuously, reach my home when already at 3 o'clock.

Everybody carries perambulate spot on the head to the building first, the eye shot that the building carries on the head is very open really, friends flatter I say to be able to send complete Beijing continuously certainly, I listened become very happy in the heart. . . Have crawl quadrilateral, seeming is designed technically for us, on the side not far have high lightning rod, do not be afraid of so thundery break off me. . .

Division of labor is clear, I come home head smell window outside, direct building top arranges line of make a present of from where come down, everybody is upstairs and downstair hand stage contact, very professional, the my ceaseless stage that use a hand gives out " left bit, come again an instruction that " waits a moment, do not know think I a string of 1 in conning tower, ah, line bit by bit come down from upstairs, my take everything into one's own hands lives to take it into the window. .

A few friends when mounting a building to support again had secured aerial, I go shaking, very solid, and made good ground connection, aerial and line of make a present of had been done with iron checkpost and adhesive plaster fixed, ensure fresh gale won't its control shake. . . The praises a friend workmanship that I do not stay in, everybody clears away several kit to undertake be debugginged finally with respect to next buildings. .

The hand that returns the everybody in house has frozen aglowly, I let comrades drink water, but everybody is drunk, measured the length that gets offline into house then, cut off a paragraph otiose, begin solder to receive the station that link a car this turns contact, so thick wire must want big iron, the great get sth done without any letup that add stannum, hook up line, my mood is quite nervous, in case still be inferior to young plant, I jump building! ! (I am 2 buildings) . . Open car station

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