Know aerial - aerial sort and application

  Want to use radio wave only, possible need uses antenna with assisting electric wave blast off with receive; Aerial depends on working frequency paragraph, by low distinguish to Gao Ke for train in excess specified length wave, long wave, medium wave, shortwave, ultrashort with microwave, applied level pervades industry of national defence, the people's livelihood, have very big difference accordingly according to accident of size of different wavelengh, antenna, use the antenna that 100MHz controls for example, with use 2.4GHz frequency paragraph WLAN. If by its direction can distinguish generally,be complete tropism (Omni-directional) aerial and directivity (Directional) aerial.


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The radiation energy that the name of complete tropism antenna says to understand electromagnetism field is in every azimuth the metropolis is consistent, at present the most general complete tropism antenna should be belonged to occasionally extremely (DIPole) aerial, the base station of the majority (ACCess Point) , it is built-in occasionally extremely aerial, limits of its level radiation is 360 degrees beam, as a result of the level the energy of every direction is equal, look downward by aerial upper part form similar sweet the beam appearance of the circle, if compress its perpendicular radiation limits, transmission distance will be outspread as the concentration of beam, beam appearance is met hasten is bordering on thin pancake. Next graphs are the figure that represents beam by aerial upper part and flank, if occasionally extremely the gain of aerial is bigger, the breadth of half power beam that states beam is perpendicular (HPBW) smaller, the space that can transmit is larger also. Because complete tropism antenna can cover all standard way, because this installs the central position at open, open environment normally; If apply at outdoors, must install to type antenna completely in building top or altitude, and be located in question mark cover the central position of the area, so that install buy communication with other directivity antenna, form only place to be opposite many a little bit (Point-to-Multipoint) astral record pictures is plain.

Directivity antenna can be used at definite trend only, but opposite ground transmission distance will be further, directivity antenna has all sorts of different pattern and figure, for example: Patch antenna, Panel antenna and 8 wood (Yagi) aerial, the bridge of the stone's throw in often be being used at wireless area network is received (Bridge) ; E.g. crosses two buildings of the driveway, or the applied environment that the workshop with vast space, storehouse is ideal.

Still have the tall directional antenna that is used technically at Sunday run communication in addition, have extremely narrow beam width and very high gain cost, also can call antenna of tall gain directivity; For example: Dish form (Dish) aerial and division account (Grid) aerial, use at nodding bit righter communication to join normally, transmission distance can be as high as 25 flower; Because of beam special ground is narrow, aerial between each other must very essence of life is aimed at definitely, and between aerial orthoptic (Light Of Sight) must do not have any hindrance.

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