Long term aerial

What is long term aerial

How can you just call " LONGWIRE " ? Draw a line casually? NO! Go up strictly saying that is ANT of RANDOM   WIRE   only. The name of aerial should depend on here working frequency, if the length as it happens of aerial is half wavelengh, call Qi Baitian line (ZEPP   ANT) , also call terminal feed occasionally extremely aerial (E n d - e of l of o of p of i of D of   of F e d ) . Aerial length is more than a wavelengh to just cry long term aerial (t of n of A of   of e of r of i of W of   of g of L o n ) , a few stricter its definition can sum up: Aerial length is more than a wavelengh and be half wavelengh is times more integral, just can call long term aerial. So are we in with job of same deputy antenna different frequency of Duan Shitian line make a way different? For convenient for the purpose of, we say the job is in lowermost frequency paragraph when the antenna that is LONGWIRE is long term aerial became good. 


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Why should use long term aerial

1 . Of antenna of the erect in the city not easy.
2. Have gain a bit, in its direction of the biggest radiate has relatively the effect with better DIPOLE.
3. Close quarters is directional not apparent.
4. Of mobile communication need

Some lover use RANDOM   WIRE, obtained favorable contact result, might as well you " random length antenna " standard, make become true LONGWIRE   ANT, have Zhang Ke follow, no matter computation is mixed,forecast convenient.

In the final analysis, long term aerial or the result that are restricted by the environment.


Long term the safety of aerial is used!

Because it is sheet pole antenna, machine crust is likely the induction is high frequency voltage, must ground connection. Ground connection problem even more make the person puzzles, the line that an informal length receives on so outer casing is thrown in the place that is come up against not easily by person cultivate to also can reduce this kind of risk.


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