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    Of antenna of simple and easy paraboloid make


       As defend inspect burn friend, having antenna of a few paraboloid is unchallenged. But, among them oneself start work those who do how much don't have. Oneself used leisure time last year (6, July) , oneself start work made antenna of paraboloid of one side 1.5m, all imitate program that accepted 134 ° E and 105.5 ° E successfully, still apply normally up to now. The paraboloid antenna with this kind of low cost introduces for everybody below make.
    1, apply a principle: Parabola is the contrail that spurs focus and the drop of equidistance following a line, paraboloid is parabola circles his to the axis rotates and be become. Parabola equation: ρ =2f/(1+cos ψ ) the F in type is focal length, ρ is the arrowy diameter of different ψ horn correspondence, ψ is the corresponding included angle that ρ of each arrow diameter and F form. Among them, removed angle of 60 ° ψ is ψ ≤ 1 ° or 2 ° , 3 ° pass not easily big, the parabola precision that makes otherwise is low, focal length F is according to F/D between 0.3-0.4 desirable 0.65m F/D=0.65/1.5 ≈ 0.433.
    2, main material: ф 6mm reinforcing steel bar, cement, sand, cobble, chipboard (or other hard plate, three-ply board) , press coal tub case easily (or other tinsel kind) , 300mm long steel tube is different diameter a few.
    3, the mould that make: Take 0.5m × 1.6m to make the same score chipboard forcedly together, list takes 0 ° , 1 ° , 2 ° according to F=0.65m ψ ... 60 ° generation enters ψ of type ρ =2f/(1+cos) seek a different ρ cost, a parabola is made on chipboard, precision has been jumped over higher, the chipboard of good the picture parabola is fixed go up in three-ply board or other plate, cut an edge to cast a line to cut open with iron sheet, retain convex share. Look for two metals to be in charge of each long 300mm left and right sides, among them one can cover another. Will long and thin hacksaw is used among the root open one 100mm to seam, place on the line of center of topmost focal length of parabola flange, 200mm of topmost put apart serves as the runner shaft coming back of parabola, the mould is made end.

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    4, the antenna that make: Search to make an appointment with the earthy clearing of 4m2 together, dig center of diameter of 1.5m of a ф to be in deep 0.28m with shovel all around gradually shallow paraboloid rudiment hole, the quantity produces the centre of a circle, a bit thicker 300mm long steel tube is inserted and try to secure close. In inserting the steel tube on the mould this tube, can rotate freely. Sift some of fine earth to do with bolt half wet, mould edge rotates to add land by the side of, till make it till even surface. Take out a pattern, lift the steel tube inside hole 2.5mm left and right sides up, concrete of thick cement of 25mm of apparently even inside hole shakedown, scale is cement: Sand: Cobble =1: 2: 3, mix with water divide evenly, to make aerial solidder, can be among concrete the framework that reinforcing steel bar of embedded ф 6mm makes up. Insert a mould rough make level, will sift the fine sand that pass next, cement presses 1: The scale of 1 mixes with water divide evenly, ought to a few rarer, even shakedown is inside hole the surface, the mould rotates by the side of edge feed in raw material, rotate more mould a few, look till the surface smoother, even till. 30mm of × of 30mm of caldron edge continue to use surrounds circuit concrete, ф 6mm reinforcing steel bar can be added among in order to increase consistence. With plastic cloth will whole paraboloid has been built, the attention is protected wet. 7-15 Queen of heaven but aerial from the gouge in earthy hole, take out builds the plastic cloth of the move, stand to use the face inside able person of n fine burnish after ventilated and dry place is fully dry. Will pull coal tub easily to cut the chunk planish that cuts next evenness with iron sheet, (take other tinsel kind: The aluminum foil inside cigarette case, aluminum foil inside tea box all can cut small) , with 103 glue (other and similar glue all but) stick inside boiler apparently, return conditionally but the face is thin sparsely gush a white lacquer. Take reinforcing steel bar of 3 ф 6mm to make 13 horn stand, secure source of make a present of by F=650mm go up in the focus, success of antenna of simple and easy paraboloid.
    5, choose different aerial diameter 1.2, 1.8, the 2 antenna that repeat above 1-4 measure to be able to make different measure, notice F/D=0.3-0.4, ψ horn is taken most more or less to count greatly right amount. Be less than two months so, you will have several caldron that you do, where is what is there against it?
    6, receive: Will high frequency head is placed in source of make a present of dish on, beforehand buy is good in the center of 3S of Asia of 105.5 ° E 4 parameter, end even the line, stand aerial the flat below wall of the north in the courtyard to go up, two people carry each aerial at the same time, adjust angle of elevation first, again slight and rotational mix up is azimuthal, with brick mat prison. Picture quality amounts to 4 class above, sound clarity does not have any cacophony, other a few same. Receive 1A of Asia-Pacific of 134 ° E later, sound is very clear, it is individual stage picture has flying place only.
    7, evaluation: Can accomplish as a result of charge for the making of sth. more careful, advantage: Cost is low, easy make, the capability that defy wind is strong (make an appointment with 180kg again) . Insufficient: Weight is great, move not easily, pinnacle, it is difficult to change a bit. Look broad the material that burns friend to be able to offer other easy figuration, in order to reduce the weight of aerial, such, the antenna that ourselves makes will more perfect.

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    FMUSER Wirless Transmit Video And Audio More Easier !

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