Patnaik(183.83.252.*) Post:2017/11/14 12:49:24
Ebay the price is much less but you being a manufacturer why your price is nearly double
Reply to:They must be differenct product
PRABHAT(203.77.177.*) Post:2014/1/16 1:08:58
Hi,I am from india, can you shipped 15W DIY FM TRANSMITTER KIT alongwith schematics and user manual to me for educational purpose.have you sale this in india in past. Please confirm.I just want to purchase it.
Reply to:yes, we can send this product to India and we send them to india before
ravikumar(49.200.196.*) Post:2013/6/18 10:59:40
DIY 15W PLL Digital LCD Stereo FM Transmitter PCB Kit Rang of km and india mani price
Reply to:the range is about 2KM, but it usually depends on the environment
Ravikumar(223.238.179.*) Post:2013/6/5 6:13:50
Shaping didails and bamant
Reply to:what is your meaning ?
Ravikumar(223.238.179.*) Post:2013/6/5 6:11:29
Diy 15w pll digital lcd stereo fm transmitter pcp kit india tamil nadu shaping mani prices and km rang up to 8km lo rang
Reply to:the DIY 15W FM Transmitter price is 65USD, it can only cover about 2KM, if you want to cover 8KM, you at least need our 50W FM Transmitter
Seldon(189.116.25.*) Post:2013/5/26 16:29:39
Gostaria muito de comprar este Kit. possvel que chegue at o Brasil?Moro bem no Sul.Por favor mande-me mais informaes.Obrigado.
Reply to:we can send this item to Brazil , all the images are the web page
jugjeewan(106.76.137.*) Post:2013/5/11 21:28:02
hello sir i want to buy this product can u delver in (uttarakhand) indiapostal code 244712 if yes please tell me total price of this product my mail jugjeewan@gmail.comthanks
Reply to:yes, we can sent to your address , the price is 65USD including shipping cost
Andreas(71.229.168.*) Post:2013/3/13 16:46:53
Can I please have the diagram and assembly instruction for the DIY 15w? It looks like the one I just purchased. Andreas Thanks.
Reply to:visit this link to download th

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