How can I pay to buy the item ?   There are 18 leave their questions
Rud(190.115.182.*) Post:2018/7/14 2:10:47
Hello!how many can i buy an emmetor 25 watt please?
Reply to:You can pay to us by paypal or credit card or western union after payment, please let us know your address, we will send goods to you by DHL
djmaxmix(200.111.231.*) Post:2017/12/13 6:34:41
hola buenas,soy de chile,para recibir el producto transmisor 25 watts,puedo hacer el deposito en wester union aca y cuanto se demoraria en llegar?? el costo de envio viene incluido en el precio??
Reply to:After you pay by western union, please let us know the MTCN and your delivery address, then we will send the products to you, it will take about 7days arrive. yes, the shipping cost already included in the price.
nalds(222.127.85.*) Post:2014/3/28 21:35:59
Quan Li,I made my payment today March 29, 2014, thru Western Union the amount of 125 US dollar for the payment of CZE- 7CCZH 7C 7& watts FM Stereo PLL Transmitter..Hope to hear u soon!tnxNalds
Reply to:OK, thank yo uso much , we have received the payment and will send to you soon with DHL
Vladimir(178.92.52.*) Post:2013/11/18 3:02:57
In what term sending of the goods after payment is carried out?
Reply to:aftrer you pay, let me now your deliery address and phone number, we will send the products to you , which products do you need ?
Juan Ramon(186.105.191.*) Post:2013/6/2 21:43:19
Compre estos productos pagados a travs de PayPal y no he tenido informacin de ustedes. Envo fecha y cdigo de compra: 31-05-2013 22:40:11 PDT Id. de transaccin: 3BK705258L431162X
Reply to:OK, thak you my friend, we will send your order to you soon with DHL
rocyl(121.54.58.*) Post:2013/1/25 18:53:06
please send me info about this kit DIY 5W PLL Digital LCD Stereo FM Transmitter PCB Kit and the price i`m from philippines
Reply to:Please visit below link to check the the price is 55USD including shipping cost
SALEEM(112.79.41.*) Post:2013/1/21 5:26:44
sir, i am from india, i can buy?
Reply to:YES, you can buy And we can send to India
SALEEM(112.79.41.*) Post:2013/1/21 5:25:32
Sir , i am from India,i can buy ?
Reply to:YES, you can buyAnd we can send to India
watson(190.115.182.*) Post:2012/11/29 0:32:36
comment je doit trouver un emmetteu radio fm?
Reply to:you need our 15watt fm radio transmitter ?
watson(190.115.182.*) Post:2012/11/29 0:31:44
je besoin un emetteur 15 watt
Reply to:do you need our 15watt ?
charles(112.207.233.*) Post:2012/9/2 18:08:08
i want to buy fm trans 15 watts how could i pay? from mindanao philippines
Reply to:you can pay us with paypal, credit card , western union or bank transfer
rolo(186.98.71.*) Post:2012/3/26 8:52:06
deseo el kid el envi tiene algn costo extra hasta Colombia y en que tiempo lo podra recibir
Reply to:No hay ningún coste adicional a Colombia
rolo(186.98.71.*) Post:2012/3/26 8:49:20
si realizo el pago por western union donde debo enviar la constancia de pago
Reply to:Después de enviar el pago por Western Union, por favor, envíe el pago de la prueba a nuestra dirección de correo electrónico sky@cantonmade.comHaremos los arreglos para enviar los productos a los que
rolo(186.98.71.*) Post:2012/3/26 8:47:05
como hago para recibir el kid por parte de ustedes
Reply to:Podemos enviar los productos a los que con el correo aéreo, DHL o EMS después de que nos paguen
tong(203.189.134.*) Post:2011/9/8 2:29:48
is it safety if pay by western union?
Reply to:of course, we have many customers pay us with western union
tong(203.189.134.*) Post:2011/9/8 2:28:45
is that good and safety if i have no Paypal account and want to pay to you by western union?
Reply to:of course, we have many customers pay us with western union , what products do you need ?

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