Dj Max(121.54.58.*) Post:2014/5/8 14:19:43
how many days to ship this in the philippines after payment you recieve?
Reply to:You can receive the product within 7days after payment
Dj Max(121.54.58.*) Post:2014/5/8 5:17:28
Hi, How many days the shipping this product to philippines i have a plan to buy this because i like this..
DINESH(117.218.98.*) Post:2013/11/25 21:14:10
Reply to:we do not have reseller in India, you can buy from us directly, we can send to India with DHL
edmmar(186.93.123.*) Post:2013/7/5 21:30:15
estoy interezado en 6 equipos de 15w cuales son los pasos para comprarlos
Reply to:After you pay, we can send to you immediately to your address, please send your address to me at
edmmar(186.93.123.*) Post:2013/7/5 21:29:41
necesito un telefono para latinoamerica venezuela
Reply to:the total cost is 163USD including shipping cost to Venezuela
karabeet(196.205.142.*) Post:2013/5/31 12:17:00
What are the differences between CZH-15A FM TRANSMITTER and CZH-15B FM TRANSMITTER? I suggest to put demonstration vedios for your products if it is possible
Reply to:they are the same products , but CZH-15A have two power level that can be 1.5watt and 15watt, but ST-15B only have 15W one level
Kafunga(196.205.165.*) Post:2013/5/26 19:25:28
Hi friend, Iam just asking about the longest allowed length for coax cable that I can use with my CZH - 15A fm transmitter with out affecting sound quality. Since I want to put my antenna as high as possible
Reply to:we usuall use 8meters cable, but 15meters is also ok, not longer any more , otherwise the output will reduce more
Jo Leo(203.177.74.*) Post:2013/5/14 22:27:25
Hi Sky and FM User,I am very happy with the CZH-15A that i got from you!This post is late since I bought it last December of 2012and it is still in good condition until now...The unit performs well and I am very satisfied...
Reply to:OK, thank you so much for your good feedback of our transmitter, hope we can serve you next time
nalds(121.54.86.*) Post:2013/4/7 15:04:52
i want to purchased a 15 watts transmiter w/ antenna, im from Philippines, where i can make my payment and order to ensure the safe and fastest way to arrived the product. Hope for your fast replythxnalds
Reply to:The 15W FM Transmitter kit price is 163USD including DHL shipping costYou can pay to us with PayPal, Credit Card,Wetern Union and Bank Transfer
kafunga(82.201.233.*) Post:2013/4/1 1:25:06
Hi.... I paid through MoneyGram two days ago but I donot know to whome I must send the transfere number so as to finish my fmtransmitter processes thanks for your help
Reply to:We have received the money and send out the package with DHLYou will receive the package soon
javier(50.197.76.*) Post:2013/3/24 7:33:15
do you offer a 15 w czh-15 with 5/8 antenna for 140 usd. I am in Seattle, WA
Reply to:I am sorry , we do not have 5/8 wave antenna, we only have 1/2 wave and 1/4 wave antenna
Robert(196.201.35.*) Post:2013/2/22 12:33:18
Please i want to know , how weight/ kilos of the transmiter and the atenna. before i send the money . Thanks you
Reply to:The weight is about 2.5KG
robert(196.201.35.*) Post:2013/2/17 14:58:13
robert from ghana. I think you know me already . Please i want to send the money soon. I want to ask did choicexp in guangzhou . Want i send the money can you take it to their office. And how many kilos/weight of the antanna. Thanks you
Reply to:OK, you can send the money to us and take up the package in our office. The transmitter kit can cover about 2KM and the weight total is about 2.5KG
GILAX(203.177.201.*) Post:2012/11/28 18:02:44
hi in case we buy 15 watts transmitter,can you ship here in the philippines without any problem from the custom?
Reply to:YES, we can ship to there without any problem from the custom
rajesh(117.200.40.*) Post:2012/11/10 7:08:43
i m from india , i want to purchase ur this 15 w product , but i want discount for this product.plz send me a discount for this product. i m from india
Reply to:The products to India shipping cost is very high.So no discount any more. Total is 163USD including shipping cost. If you buy more than 5kits, we can give you discount
el genio 7(186.123.133.*) Post:2012/10/1 20:01:33
hola soy de argentina tengo que pagar algo al resibir el transmisor cuanto tarda en llegar a la argentina tendre problemas con la aduana
Reply to:We will send to you with DHL , you can receive within 7days
Eran(124.106.113.*) Post:2012/8/30 20:51:42
Dear Sky,I just got from the post office the Transmitter that you sent with power supply.Thank you,EranPhilippines
Reply to:That is pretty goodHope we can serve you next time
Frey(41.222.181.*) Post:2012/7/23 8:05:34
I need INVOICE for this
Reply to:OK,thank you .You pay with PayPal or western union or bank transfer ?
matheus (189.41.164.*) Post:2012/7/17 6:56:35
this site safe and to make the purchase of the product
Reply to:YES, it is safe, you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card, after the payment clear, we will send the products to you immediately.
matheus (189.41.164.*) Post:2012/7/17 6:56:20
this site safe and to make the purchase of the product ??
Reply to:YES, it is safe, you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card, after the payment clear, we will send the products to you immediately.
matheus (189.41.164.*) Post:2012/7/17 6:55:48
this site safe and to make the purchase of the product ??
Reply to:YES, it is safe, you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card, after the payment clear, we will send the products to you immediately.
Michael(69.80.39.*) Post:2012/4/8 16:55:32
What maximum power can the quarter wave GP antenna support? Can it support 150 Watts output?Michael Andrew
Reply to:YES, the maximum power is 150watts
Emil(222.124.3.*) Post:2011/11/24 2:12:13
Hi,I am from Indonesia, I would like to know more for this product and how long of range for 15W, is it full package with how to process the payment and what is the shipment type to delivery to Indonesia.Thanks
Reply to:the range of the 15W is about 4KM, you can click the yellow paypal button in our website to pay with credit card or paypal , otherwise, western union and bank transfer is also OK. DHL can arrive within 7days.
Silvio(187.41.65.*) Post:2011/10/5 19:34:49
I have bought this product
Reply to:thank you , hope you can receive the product soon.
Silvio(187.41.65.*) Post:2011/10/5 19:34:21
can I have the tracking number ?
Reply to:I have send the tracking number to your email
tom(41.93.139.*) Post:2011/9/29 2:10:13
please i'm in Ghana and i need one of the 15w Vl.0 CZH - 25A FM stereo transmitter and i want to know how i can make the payment for the product to be delivered to me.
Reply to:you can pay us with paypal, credit card, western union or bank transfer

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