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djeri(41.207.163.*) Post:2014/4/29 2:52:23
i have difficult to pay with credit card in your web page.give me another solution to pay . i want to pay 7w fm transmeter whith rf transistor.
Reply to:Can you pay with western union or bank transfer ?
Henry Diod(93.186.22.*) Post:2014/4/3 5:27:40
Please i want to know if you can ship to Nigeria, i need the 15w fm transmitter and a complete set of the transmitter components for my school project work. Thanks
Reply to:YES, we can ship to Nigeria, 15w fm transmitter and a complete set price is 163USD including DHL shipping cost to Nigeria, you can send email to me at about the details
ron(121.54.86.*) Post:2014/3/22 18:27:06
morning! Pls send me the amount/price of 7wats fm transmitter with cable , antenna and power supply i'll pay it thru western union here in phiulippines.tnxron
Reply to:thank you my friend,the total cots is 125USD including DHL shipping cost and please pay 125USD to below our western union informationFirst name: QuanLast name : LiCountry: ChinaCity: Guangzhou
basso(78.243.252.*) Post:2014/1/10 19:52:04
boujour elle et ou ma commende mreci
Reply to:ok
basso(78.243.252.*) Post:2014/1/10 19:51:16
bonjour c est basso frederic elle et ou,ma commende mreci de verdun du 55100 en france
Reply to:ok, noted
basso fred(78.243.252.*) Post:2014/1/10 19:49:17
bonjour elle et ou ma commende25 rue des tanneries25 rue des tanneries55100 VERDUN FranceM BASSO FREDERIC vez appel au mercielle et ou ma commende merci
Reply to:ok, we have sent out your order , you will receive soon
evans(41.215.163.*) Post:2013/12/5 10:20:50
FMUSER FM 7w stereo PLL broadcast transmitter 88MHz~108MHzOnly 49usd can i get this transmitter
Reply to:you can pay to us with PayPal, Credit card, western unio or bank transfer, after you pay, we will send the products to your address
Ivan Balla(182.69.35.*) Post:2013/12/2 4:07:24
We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.
Reply to:sorry, we do not need it now, when we need, we will contact you , thank you
bitz(180.190.189.*) Post:2013/10/30 16:36:44
I want to order a number of 2sc1971, 2sc1970, 2sc1972 and a mini transmitter kit.. can i pay all of it trough western union?
Reply to:yes, you can pay to us with western union, what is your order quantity of each model ?
gambuldorw(197.194.141.*) Post:2013/9/18 19:05:26
Have you an rf with input15 watt output above80 watts?
Reply to:do you need 80watt rf amplifier ?
gambuldorw(197.194.141.*) Post:2013/9/18 19:03:27
Is there rf amplifier input 15 out putabove100?
Reply to:do you need 150watt rf amplifier ?
Electronic(190.78.150.*) Post:2013/8/26 12:11:38
Saludos Quisiera ser distruibuidor de sus Productos aqui en la Republica Bolivarian de Venezuela.Indique paso a seguir.Atte Rodulfo Medina.0058-424-6798179.
Reply to:We are very glad that you can distruibuidor of our products there in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.please send email to me at , we will send the details for you
Jaime(181.135.120.*) Post:2013/8/24 11:19:29
Amigo, cuanto cuesta el envio a Colombia?Cuanto se demora en llegar?Como hago para no pagar tanto dinero en Aduanas?Gracias!Quiero el transmisor de 15Watts con antena 1/4 de onda!
Reply to:15Watts Transmitter with Antenna 1/4 wave price is 163USD including shipping to Colombia , takes about 7days to arrive. we will declare lower cost to the custom, so you do not need to pay much tax
Garry(217.118.78.*) Post:2013/8/24 8:36:49
please write features f FM-FU88-1200or instance---• Stereo separation:-50dB • Audio frequency response: 20 to 15000Hz • Audio distortion: <2% • Modulation: 15% • Input Level:-15dBV
Reply to:OK
Hector Nuo(187.139.241.*) Post:2013/8/20 19:32:20
feliz esperando el trasmisor gracias
Reply to:my friendwhich transmitter do you need buy from us ?
evans(41.204.59.*) Post:2013/8/13 1:19:15
please i need this transmitter and am in ghana where i can only use bank transfer to pay...i will be happy to send me invoice that i sue to pay at bank....i need 7watts fm tranmiter......
Reply to:the 7watt transmitter price is 73USD including shippingI have sent the invoice and our bank account to your email
M H(185.5.157.*) Post:2013/8/4 21:53:42
HelloI from iranI do not access paypal and other payment and receive products fromyour COplease help me to order products in iranthank
Reply to:we do not have agent in Iran, you can also pay with western unio or bank transfer, we can send to Iran
Ivan Balla(182.64.65.*) Post:2013/6/24 22:23:52
We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.
Reply to:sorry, we do not need it now, when I need, I will contact you
becko(77.77.159.*) Post:2013/5/22 4:56:12
Please tell me how to set my fm transmitter czh-o5b to broadcast stereo signal?
Reply to:please visit below link in our website to download the manual
Ari Dayu(12.7.122.*) Post:2013/5/1 1:12:50
I am from Indonesia, how the process of buying fm transmitter CZH A-15 or ST - 15 watts B Kable Antenna? complete onair live in Indonesia. whether to transfer must pass hsbc bank? no rapes. Thank you .Thank you
Reply to:YES, you can pay to us with bank transfer to our HSBC bank accountafter you pay, we can send to you immeidately to your address
Donna Gabr(182.68.148.*) Post:2013/4/8 22:02:44
We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.
Reply to:THANKS , But we do not need it
Norman(24.54.14.*) Post:2013/3/25 20:04:27
Hi, i bought a CZH-T251 Professional FM stereo broadcast transmitter and i put the output wattage to 25w
rocyl(121.54.58.*) Post:2013/1/26 4:04:07
sir i post my questions but why no reply
Reply to:what is your question ? You can also send the question to my email
rodebu(186.121.101.*) Post:2013/1/21 20:43:53
cuanto costo usd por westers union con envio o transporte para soledad atlantico colombia america del sur por el transmisor de sda-01a y cuantos dias para llegar paquete al destino
Reply to:You can pay to us with Western Union to buy the SDA-01A and it will take about 7days to reach the destination
JOEL(119.92.227.*) Post:2013/1/15 22:42:44
what flight you recommend Im from manila.
Reply to:We are in guangzhou city
JOEL(119.92.227.*) Post:2013/1/15 22:41:02
can i visit your factory?
Reply to:YES, you can , you are welcome
JOEL(119.92.227.*) Post:2013/1/15 22:37:07
how much is the 1 kw fm transmitter with 1kw dipole antena. also you a LMDS equipment.thanks
Reply to:Check this link in our website:
triak(190.65.157.*) Post:2013/1/2 18:16:10
hi do you have a trasmitter with Rds, pc controlled with expander/ compressor 0-25 watt power? thankyou
Reply to:yes, we have 80watt transmitter with rds , pc controlled with expander . below
lualmac(186.178.162.*) Post:2012/12/30 13:40:52
como hago para adquirir este transmisor en ecuador no tengo cuenta paypal, y una vez hecha la traasferencia cuanto tiempo llega el articulo 0W a 1W ST-1A transmisor de radio FM PLL Antena corta KIT Powersupply
Reply to:We can send this transmitter to you with post airmail and you can pay to us with western union or bank transfer. after you pay, can arrive within 15days
lualmac(186.178.129.*) Post:2012/12/30 13:34:37
0W a 1W ST-1A transmisor de radio FM PLL Antena corta KIT Powersupply, como puedo hacer para adquirirlo en ecuador no tengo cuenta paypal, como haria y en cuanto tiempo estara el aparato aca una vez hecha la transferencia.
Reply to:We can send this transmitter to you with post airmail and you can pay to us with western union or bank transfer. after you pay, can arrive within 15days
Navruz(217.8.35.*) Post:2012/12/10 1:57:59
Do you have FM-transposer?
Reply to:What is FM transposer ?Is it FM transmitter ?
Navruz(217.8.35.*) Post:2012/12/10 1:54:51
Do you have FM-transposer? need two 15Wt and two 50Wt.thanks.
Reply to:What is FM transposer ? Is it FM transmitter ?
Normand(24.54.14.*) Post:2012/12/4 18:34:30
hi i want to buy:Fmuser GP200 5w-100W 1/2 wave Professional FM Transmitter GP Antenna 69$us but i want to broadcast on FM 105.5mhz can you adjust it for me ??? if yes send me a paypal invoice and i will buy.thank
Reply to:YES, we can adjust the frequency 105.5MHz to youYou can just pay in our website with your paypal , click the yellow paypal button to pay
padovaon(141.105.155.*) Post:2012/11/29 7:29:14
hello,I bought a SDA-15B 15W FM transmitterIf I connect to DAC input the audio hear only one channel. It 'a problem that can be solved?Thank you
Reply to:YES, the fm transmitter can only broadcast one channel that is one frequency one time
christ6580(109.15.128.*) Post:2012/10/26 3:41:51
bonjour j'ai acheter un kit de 30 watt avec une allimentation et le boitier j'ai tout installer je les allumer et apres 5 jours il n'a plus fonctionner s'allume mais rien ne passe que vous me conseiller
Reply to:which 30watt fm transmitter you bought ?You bought the FU-30A ?The antenna frequency is the same as the transmitter working frequency ?
AGUS(180.247.199.*) Post:2012/10/14 22:03:00
AGUS(180.247.199.*) Post:2012/10/14 22:00:49
Reply to:We do not have reseller in IndonesiaYou can buy from us directelyWe can send to you with DHL or EMS or UPS or fedex
sergio(190.48.185.*) Post:2012/10/9 7:04:53
hola queria saber si tienen el transistor blf-547 y cuanto sale.gracias
mike(69.109.112.*) Post:2012/9/10 8:14:27
i pay a week ago paypal where is my tracking
Reply to:I have sent the tracking to your emai address
jaw d(209.202.2.*) Post:2012/8/28 20:58:10
i need my transmitter fixed.where can i call?..i tried the number..i looks complex to me to phone.i need a figure of how much the repair would works only in the home
Reply to:Call my phone number at 08615915959450Or you can send back to me , we can repair for you for free
ramkumar(117.245.32.*) Post:2012/8/21 23:54:52
I would like to purchase 50W FM Transmitter. Please send me the details and Indian dealers address to my e-mail address. Thank you, With regards Ramkumar
Reply to:Hi my friendWe do not have dealers in India.The 50W FM Transmitter price is 609USD including DHL shipping cost to your address . You can pay us with PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union or bank transfer
gustavo (190.23.75.*) Post:2012/8/11 13:14:13
ya enviaron mi de un transmisor de 15 vatio para concepcion paraguay quiero saber por favor ya pague todo a este msn espero respuesta envie 69 USD por western union espero respuesta en mi correo gracias
Reply to:I have sent email to you
broadcaste(204.112.196.*) Post:2012/8/6 22:06:15
do you send it at canada too????
Reply to:YES, we can ship to Canadawe can send the products to worldwide
Eran Hobar(112.211.193.*) Post:2012/7/18 6:56:09
If I order from your company, can you send it here in the Philippines?
Reply to:YES, we can send to Philippines . We can send the poducts to all the countries in the world. No matter where are you , we can send the products to your hand.
matheus (189.41.164.*) Post:2012/7/16 9:20:46
How can I buy the site? I'm from Brazil
Reply to:you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card or western union, after the payment clear, we will send the products to you immediately.
DiegoMs(190.95.65.*) Post:2012/7/15 23:40:25
Hi! Are delivering CZH-10A FM transmitter to Chile today? Best Regards!
Reply to:yes, as soon as you pay , we can send to you immediately today
DiegoMs(190.95.65.*) Post:2012/7/15 23:38:59
Hi! Are you delivering CZH-10A 10W FM transmitter to Chile today? Best Regards!
Reply to:yes, as soon as you pay , we can send to you immediately today
CNV RADIO(190.254.49.*) Post:2012/7/9 5:55:57
Reply to:Sí, podemos enviar los productos a Colombia,
Widdens(80.203.142.*) Post:2012/7/7 12:27:03
Hi I am going to order 15w czh-15a Fm Brodcast transmitter total price 147 USD.I will pay by VisaI live in Norway, what aobot TAX,Are you going to send it like a giftCan you send me a manual to my e-mailRegardsWiddens
Reply to:YES, you can pay us with visa credit card, after you pay, we can send the products to you immediately with DHL. DHL will help you to clear the custom and I will send it like a gift and declare about 35USD to the custom to avoid the custom
Arild(80.203.142.*) Post:2012/7/7 12:17:54
Hi I live in NorwayI wold like to order 15w czh-15a Fm Brodcast transmitter total price 147 USD. I wold like to pay by VisaI live in Norway, what about TAX to NorwayAre you going to send it like a giftRegards Arild
Reply to:YES, you can pay us with visa credit card, after you pay, we can send the products to you immediately with DHL. DHL will help you to clear the custom and I will send it like a gift and declare about 35USD to the custom to avoid the custom
dak(99.66.224.*) Post:2012/6/29 12:55:39
Does any FM transmitter meet USA FCC approval, do you have approval if so what model?
Reply to:yes, we have, I will email to you about the model
rolando(75.73.255.*) Post:2012/6/29 7:58:46
Hi I buy ST-15B FM Transmitter was working find transmit really good
Fido(190.179.178.*) Post:2012/6/27 13:53:54
Hello,Please would it be possible to tell me if the IC BH1417F can be send it to Argentina? What is the shipping cost.Thank you very much
Reply to:yes, can send the IC BH1417F to Argentina
cdbubb(1.190.75.*) Post:2012/5/29 6:29:27
hello,I want to buy the T-15M 15W PLL FM Broadcast Radio Transmitter 88-108MHz with MP3 player function GP100 1/4 wave antenna pwoer supply KITHow much is the postage for France and how soon deliver you please?Thank you.
Reply to:The postage DHL shipping already included in the cost.After payment, you can receive within 7days.
aqueel(62.150.138.*) Post:2012/5/21 8:24:13
80W 2U FSN-801 Professional FM Broadcast Radio Tcan u send this item in kuwait...and have much take a time....plz tell me........we need .
Reply to:YES, we send the products to Kuwait.It will take about 7days
Rolly(99.227.168.*) Post:2012/5/15 21:36:27
I'm interested on FU-30 and power supply for it , and 2 magnetic fm antenna {for car}, Pls give me a quote including shipment here in Canada. I got errors when I use your cart. Thanks Rolly
Reply to:Hi Rolly ,One FU-30AOne power supplyOne 0.2watt exciterTwo magnetic fm antenna for carAll cables and connectorsDHL shipping Total is 287USD . You can pay 287USD to our paypal account directly.
geronimo(119.93.161.*) Post:2012/5/10 20:30:56
Hi, im geronimo from philippines. i want to avail this 15watts ST-15BBroadcast FM transmitter please send me the details on how to order this equipment. thanks.
Reply to:Hi Geronimo,How are you ? Thanks for your message.The ST-15B FM Transmitter is the promotion products only 69USD including Shipping, after paying, we can send to you immediatly
Siamak(84.241.61.*) Post:2012/4/24 7:18:56
Dear SirPlease be informed that I need RF power meterPlease inform me prices of Sx-200Sx-400Sx-600Sx-1100 (from Diamond)ThanksSiamak NorooziZareez Co.#1, Rooz Alley, Tavanir St. Tehran-IRAN
Reply to:For the power meters, we have all the prices list in our website. please vsit below link in our website
lazaro chi(76.194.150.*) Post:2012/4/16 20:39:07
me interersa el de 7watts mandeme el dibujo para saver cual y hacer la orden o la informacion del equipo que es para hacer la orden y en cuantos dias llega gracias que Dios la bendiga
Reply to:Hemos enviado el transmisor FM con 7watt correo aéreo, puede recibir dentro de 15 días
Guest(76.20.84.*) Post:2012/4/15 16:02:50
how does the mini pocket fm transmitter get it,s music?can it be hooked up to a mp3 player?
Reply to:yes, this mini pocket fm transmitter can connect to the mp3 player with a 3.5mm audio cable. So the music from the MP3 player can put into the pocket fm transmitter, and the fm transmitter can broadcast the music to any fm radio receivers.
Gilmar Rib(189.30.102.*) Post:2012/3/19 20:03:14
Brasil send
Reply to:yes, we can send to Brazil
Gilmar Rib(189.30.102.*) Post:2012/3/19 20:01:06
Frete para o BrasilVocs enviam para o brasilObrigado Gilmar
Reply to:we can send to the BrasilVocs brasilObrigado Gilmar
AZUCAR FM(187.171.18.*) Post:2012/3/18 9:49:08
if you deposit between Monday or Tuesday, when my package would be receiv?
Reply to:You can receive within 7days
AZUCAR FM(187.171.18.*) Post:2012/3/18 9:44:58
sky hi sorry so many questions, but here I see this transmitter of 300W for a total price of 1680 USD with shipping, the price is right?
Reply to:yes, it is the right price with DHL shipping cost.You can receive within 7days
erfan(2.177.115.*) Post:2012/2/27 21:23:03
Hello iam interested by seeing FM products as the model below ST-15B can you give me the price of this thing by sending me an email and then i purchase whit credit card
Reply to:hello friend, I have sent to your email, the ST-15B FM Transmitter price is 69USD including Shipping cost. You can buy it directly with your credit card in our website.
Sergiy_Cri(194.187.150.*) Post:2012/2/27 9:52:59
Hello! To Ukraine the transmitter send? Thanks.
Reply to:yes, we can send the transmitter to Ukaine, we can send the products to the worldwide.
Sergiy_Cri(194.187.150.*) Post:2012/2/27 9:28:36
Hello!To Ukraine the transmitter send?Thanks.
Reply to:We can send to Ukraine , we can send every country in the world
Donna Gabr(122.176.116.*) Post:2012/2/22 0:51:00
When can I receive my products ?
Reply to:Hello Donna Gabr , thank you, we have sent the tracking number to your email address, you can receive soon within 7days.
Danny(67.32.166.*) Post:2012/2/21 17:21:59
Is there a way to set low output on a CZH-15A to less than 1.5 watts?
Reply to:yes, The CZH-15A FM Transmitter has two output level, one is 1.5watt and another is 15watt. We will have a manual for you
Donna Gabr(122.176.116.*) Post:2012/2/16 4:04:10
How can I pay you ?
Reply to:You can pay us with PayPal, credit card, western union and bank transfer
zaw(182.55.242.*) Post:2012/2/1 6:45:05
Hi I want to buy M002A 3 kilometers broadcast circuit from Singapore.So please let me know how I can get it and price.
Reply to:We suggest you to our our 15W FM Transmitter , it can also cover 3KM
topher(24.191.183.*) Post:2012/1/21 9:32:09
do you sell an rubber antenna similar to the one in the kit for the czh-05b but can be used with the czh-7.
Reply to:yes, we have the rubber antenna, but can not use at 7w, can only use at 1.5w at most
CHIPOLY(187.149.46.*) Post:2012/1/16 22:31:21
Hello. Can you please send DHL tracking number?Thank you
Reply to:Thank, we have sent to your email, please check
ali(182.178.255.*) Post:2012/1/13 8:19:33
my requirment is 2 watts
Reply to:we do not have 2watts fm transmitter, but we have 1watt and 5watt.
gilles(74.56.110.*) Post:2012/1/13 8:06:53
hy just need info on this item Package Include:10 X 15W V2.0 FM transmitter10 X GP Antenna10 X Audio in cable10 X 12V DC power adapter10X Conversion Socket i want one but i can pay why i want pay now with paypal 195 us dolard thanks
Reply to:you can pay directly in our website with paypal or credit card
Ivan Balla(182.68.206.*) Post:2011/12/16 1:30:16
I like this website fmuser.orgIt always bring me many suprise products
Reply to:thank you
Sylvia Abe(122.161.48.*) Post:2011/12/12 2:11:30
wow, I bought this products, when can you send to me ?
Reply to:We have sent to you, do not worry, the tracking number was sent to your email address.
VAL(65.49.14.*) Post:2011/12/11 5:46:11
What is your last price for 0W-15W PREMIUM SDA-15B including EMS through Philippines. I am interested to have one. Please Email me at
Reply to:220USD including DHL shipping cost
Ivan Balla(122.161.15.*) Post:2011/11/26 0:49:53
I have bought the products with western union , please give me tracking number
Reply to:OK, I send the tracking number to your email
Cecelia Ma(182.68.190.*) Post:2011/11/21 20:54:49
This is the products I am looking for a long time, low price and good fm transmitters
Reply to:Thank you , hope you can enjoy our products
Cecelia Ma(182.68.164.*) Post:2011/11/16 20:38:28
I have bought your CZH-15A FM transmitter, please let me know the tracking number.
Reply to:I have sent the tracking number to your email as soon as we sent out the package. Thank you .
Jaime Jaco(182.68.81.*) Post:2011/10/21 3:59:02
How long will I receive my product
Reply to:thank you , you have bought our 30W FM transmitter kit, yo can receive within 7days.
Jaime jaco(182.68.234.*) Post:2011/10/16 21:17:37
How long will I receive my product
Reply to:thank you , you have bought our 30W FM transmitter kit, yo can receive within 7days
Johnny(64.237.253.*) Post:2011/10/9 12:03:22
I need a 5 watt fm transmitter diagram
Reply to:which model
Johnny(64.237.253.*) Post:2011/10/9 9:52:07
I need a 5W V5.0 FM stereo PLL broadcast transmitterschematic diagram
Reply to:which model
mohamad(188.53.144.*) Post:2011/10/5 4:57:09
hii want to buy fm transmitter ( high power )what is the longest range ??i want a transmitter long range ( from 1000 dollar to 2000 dollar price)gave me the link for the longest range transmitterplease reply quicklythank you
Reply to:more power more distance , and also depends on the enviroment and antenna. If you have 2000USD , you can buy our 300W FM transmitter
Cecelia Ma(122.162.72.*) Post:2011/10/5 2:40:32
I visit this website very often, have many new products and suprise
Reply to:thanks for your support
chimer(216.147.148.*) Post:2011/9/29 10:14:19
i am about to send money by wester union to Mr Quan Li to buy an FM Transmitter but i want to be sure that he is one your employer please let me know before i send my money
Reply to:yes, correct, the western union who receive the money is Quan Li , he is my boss
Albert Col(122.161.176.*) Post:2011/9/29 3:29:12
Can I pay with western union ?
Reply to:YES, of course, we have many customer pay us with western union
Albert Col(122.161.162.*) Post:2011/9/16 3:37:34
I want to resell your products in our country
Reply to:that is good, please contact me at sky@fmuser.orgWe can talk details about it
AEFTAN(182.6.115.*) Post:2011/9/9 12:14:33
Reply to:ok, what do you want to know ?I am happy to answer your questions
Perry Gate(122.177.82.*) Post:2011/9/7 3:21:16
I like the fm transmiter which I bought from this website
Reply to:thank you
alperen798(88.226.72.*) Post:2011/8/28 15:19:02
that I have ordered my CZH-15A-15W PLL FM stereo broadcast transmitter ship was? Step Haci Bektas Mehmet Karaman Turkey Ermenek Would you please send me an e-mail
Reply to:We have sent out the parcel on 16th Aug with EMS.
alperen798(88.226.72.*) Post:2011/8/28 15:18:45
that I have ordered my CZH-15A-15W PLL FM stereo broadcast transmitter ship was? Step Haci Bektas Mehmet Karaman Turkey Ermenek Would you please send me an e-mail
Reply to:We have sent out the parcel on 16th Aug with EMS. The tracking number is EE572768785CN
Jaime Jaco(182.64.75.*) Post:2011/8/22 2:04:52
Fmuser FM Transmitter - The transmitter was everything that it was proclaimed it picks up and transmitts!
Reply to:thank you very much
Cecelia Ma(182.64.236.*) Post:2011/8/2 0:32:26
I found it to work very well. It allows me to transmitt my Sirius radio signal to all radios in our one story home. I highly recommend this item. It really works as discribed by the manufacture.
Reply to:We are very happy that you can enjoy our products
Rico(67.80.179.*) Post:2011/8/1 19:47:31
I would like to open a radio station, please send me info about fm transmitter, amp, and antenna. I would like to broadcast about 5km
Reply to:Hello my friend, if you want to broadcast 5km we suggest you get our 15W FM tansmitter kit with antenna and power supply,please email to me at
sergio(62.241.110.*) Post:2011/7/31 1:45:05
I've tried other FM transmitter products and this fmuser 15w is the best one I've used so far. Very powerful transmitter. I haven't had any problems receiving the signal in any parts of my house... there's no interference, this is a great product.
Reply to:thank you so much, hope to sever you next time again.
Jaime Jaco(182.64.236.*) Post:2011/7/27 3:55:39
This fmuser 0.5w transmitter is perfect... The setup instructions couldn't be easier.
Reply to:thanks
Perry Gate(122.177.41.*) Post:2011/6/27 4:29:08
I contacted buyers of this xmitter before it bought one, everyone gave it hi marks. I have to say I am very pleased with it. The range is better than the 150'. Sound is good too.
Reply to:thak you so much Perry Gate , hope we can sever you next time

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