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fulltecnic(200.120.234.*) Post:2014/4/7 19:07:25
I need sky contact to email please.sky dont send me tracking number.please reply mi email nowtranks
Reply to:my friend, please send email to me at sky@fmuser.org and I will give you tracking number
fulltecnic(190.100.221.*) Post:2013/10/6 17:55:34
I need certified origin chinnese for comercial TLC china Chile.
Reply to:Which products do you need from us ?
rafael ram(186.6.19.*) Post:2013/1/22 10:40:59
Hola ..Estoy interesado de sus transmisores fm de baja potencia --2w.......300w audio and mpx in put bajo precios antenas circular low power antena vertical low powerpower divisor 1 in 4outputcosto de envio republica dominicano gracias..
Reply to:ok, Please let me know the exact model
bwana(199.193.235.*) Post:2012/2/8 19:31:04
me wanna to know if guarantee you warantee? if FM transitter breakeee, who fix? how long es mucho?
Reply to:the guarantee is one year for the amplifier. If it is faulty, you can send back to us, we can repaire it.
german cas(186.147.38.*) Post:2012/2/7 9:14:14
quisiera saber si en su modelo de 30 vatios se puede cambiar la constante de tiempo para 75 microsegundos, o si viene para 50 microsegundos. lo que sucede es que en America es de 75 micro segundos, especial colombia
Reply to:Tanto el 75 y 50 están bien, podemos hacer por usted.
ron(109.253.19.*) Post:2012/1/15 7:54:18
hiACHI IR 6000 rework station, could you please tell me if is good enough to take off the GPU of XBOX 360 and PS3 GPU play station oror it is good enough only for microBGA...thanks..
Reply to:yes, of course , you are good enough
kim(203.189.134.*) Post:2011/10/1 1:33:45
Hello , I pay to you already why u don't reply to me?
Reply to:thank you , I have sent the email to you
chimer(216.147.148.*) Post:2011/9/27 6:45:30
i am mister Barro leaving in snegal west africa and i need the fm transmitter CZH-10A 10W FM BROADCAST how can i paid to have it please let me know i am waiting for your answer.have a blessed day
Reply to:you can pay us with paypal, credit card, western union or bank transfer
riaz (119.153.95.*) Post:2011/4/14 9:55:36
hello sir i am from pakistan company name sea breeze hitech.i want to purchase 1 kilo watt digital stereo FM transmitter(made by italy) plz email me all the specification.
Reply to:hello my friend from pakistan, we do not have transmitter made by intaly. Only have made in China
ron(46.240.17.*) Post:2011/3/28 14:10:24
sir i am in saudi arabia now.i want to buy some of your fm transmitter but i would like it to be delevered in the my home country in the philippines.it is possible sir?
Reply to:YES, we can send to your home country in the philippines, that no problem, please contact me at sky@cantonmade.com for the details.
celddy77(83.112.233.*) Post:2010/12/14 12:49:28
Avez-vous un correspondant en France ?
Reply to:YES
hari.(86.97.25.*) Post:2010/9/1 20:39:40
Reply to:yes, we can send the product to Kerala India, we can send the products to every place in the world

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