Pet(84.1.153.*) Post:2014/6/24 3:35:22
I bought it from you one 15 w of radio.his cooling flange very warm.what may be the trouble?
Reply to:Maybe the fan does not work or the weather is too hot
Geoffrey(124.105.106.*) Post:2013/5/29 0:52:55
Good day!I will be sending the 15-W that I bought last October, 2012. It will not turn on. May I request to repair it. How much its cost for its repair and freight in sending it back here in Philippines?Thanks and best regards.
Reply to:OK, you can send back to me , and we will repair it for free, just send back to me and send email to me at
Geoffrey(124.105.106.*) Post:2013/5/21 23:10:14
Hello. I bought this kind of transmitter last October, 2012 but it was damaged due to frequent brownout in our place. Can we send it back to you and request for its replacement? Please reply. Thanks.
Reply to:OK, please send back to me , Name: Liu xiaoxiaAddress: 1502Fang HuiLanGe HuangPuDaDaoXi 273Hao TianHeQu Guangzhou China.ZIP:510620Phone: 08615915959450Please return to this address and write your paypal address,name,problem on note:
muntasir(41.209.124.*) Post:2013/2/14 12:38:35
I feel unhappy since I asked you many times using your all given adresses no one replyed other than your skype which is now off line for more than 3 weeks please reply
Reply to:OK, my email address is
jay(202.78.87.*) Post:2013/2/1 1:33:14
hi Mr. Li Quan can i ask about CZH 15W.. how many kilometers to broadcast?
Reply to:The weight is about 2.5KG
di marco(151.74.176.*) Post:2012/9/24 5:28:56
What kind of shipping used. and when the time will I receive? I have to pay customs?
Reply to:We will send to you with DHL, you can receive within 7daysThe package is very small, if custom not check your package, you do not need to pay custom
Radio geek(209.202.3.*) Post:2012/9/2 8:41:20
my receiver went out during this common?could it be fixed?i have it here.the transmitter works in the house still.but not strong like before.this is about 15W i need to turn off during thunder?i ordered another to replace.
Reply to:YES, you need to turn off during thunder, as this model do not have thunder protection. You can send back this faulty to me, we can repair for you , or you can also buy another one from our website
joel(222.127.174.*) Post:2012/7/3 17:38:30
Hi Mr. Li Quan,is the power supply included in this package of CZH-15A which costs 109 usd?My location is the Philippines. Please reply.thank you.
Reply to: 179USD not include power supply, the power supply price is 30USD
joel(180.190.184.*) Post:2012/7/1 17:56:12
Hi! Are the power supply and cables supplied in this package for the price of 109 USD? My location is the Philippines.thank you.joel
Reply to: 179USD not include power supply, the power supply price is 30USD
joel(180.191.227.*) Post:2012/7/1 3:47:19
can this transmitter endure 15 hours of transmission delay at high power?
Reply to:this transmitter can work 24hours, 7days
joel(180.191.227.*) Post:2012/7/1 3:38:46
does the package of CZH-15A includes the power supply and the audio in cable?I am interested to buy. That is if the 109usd is all that I would pay via paypal and it could be delivered for free here in the Philippines.thank you.joel
Reply to:109USD without power supply, the power supply price is addition 18usd
Kenta(81.234.222.*) Post:2011/9/9 14:05:45
Forgot to mention the product.I`m talking about the CZH - 15A.Kent.
Reply to:ok, what do you want to know, feel free to ask me
Kenta(81.234.222.*) Post:2011/9/9 14:02:46
Hi Mr Li Quan.Could it be possible to buy yor product in a kitform.Im sure there will be difficulties to purschase it assembled due to the authorities in my country.Look forward to receive your answer.Kindest RegardsKent SelimSweden
Reply to:we can declare it as another product name like fm radio, so it can avoid custom to check it

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