sammu(41.190.3.*) Post:2014/6/28 8:07:04
is anjan dts 10 still available? Pls reply. Thanks
Reply to:no , the factoy do not manufcture the DTS-10 now, please do not buy it
winkster01(71.251.8.*) Post:2014/3/21 15:49:55
Is this radio still available because i will be ordering it on Tuesday the 25th.thank you
Reply to:The ANJAN DTS-10 is no available any more
jtcase(99.104.58.*) Post:2014/2/18 18:52:45
Is the Anjan DTS-10 in stock as of February 18, 2014, and available for immediate shipping?Thank you.
Reply to:The ANJAN DTS-10 FM radio are not avaiable any more
Olga(78.29.2.*) Post:2013/5/3 3:45:24
Hello! This model is available?
Reply to:YES, we have this model in stock, after you pay, we can send to you immediately
DDDD(91.78.132.*) Post:2012/7/13 9:10:08
where in Russia i may this reseiver on price 130-140 $ (with shipping to Moscow?
Reply to:yes, it can be
negro(200.124.102.*) Post:2012/4/8 5:00:47
HiAre stock ANJAN DTS 10 you cant shipp to Argentina.ThanksHMM
Reply to:YES, we have the DTS-10 FM radio in stock and we can ship to Argentina
Joe(99.23.219.*) Post:2011/11/23 17:53:31
I just purchased a dts-10. It is a very good radio
Reply to:thanks

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