Becko(77.77.159.*) Post:2013/5/22 2:48:46
How to set the transmitter to broadcast stereo signal? Please help!!!
Reply to:please visit below link in our website to download the manual
Rau(192.168.1.*) Post:2013/5/22 0:16:46
Hi I would like to order 1- 0.5W CZH-05B pll 87-108mhz fm transmitter broadcast stereo mic cover 300M-1KM. Is it okay if i can pay you thru western union. Kindly send me details. Thanks
Reply to:yes, you can pay to us with western union, the price is 60USD including shiping cost, please pay to below western union informationFirst name: QuanLast name : LiCountry: ChinaCity: Guangzhou
Robert(196.201.51.*) Post:2012/7/18 3:50:49
I need one of the transmitter, the black that 60usd and please i buy. in one of the site but it is not good and it has spoil. will it last for? email:
Reply to:you have bought the 0.5watt before ?You mean the case have spoil which you bought before ?

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