Guest(98.203.67.*) Post:2012/9/23 17:17:25
The 30W Exciter 301 just stoped working. It does nottransmit. Everything was working fine. What could be wrong? How can you help get me going again? Please give me all options.Thanks for you consideration.Avon
Reply to:It maybe the power transistor RD30VHF1 is faulty , you can get one transistor to repair it, if you can not repaire it, you can send back to us , we can repair for you
jonny5(90.198.0.*) Post:2012/6/8 20:11:44
hi can you tell me if this is all i need to make a radio station in my home town witch will hit a 10 mile radius a round wear i live in seaham or do i need to have a radio licence and how much will this be in great british pounds thanks
Reply to:This 30W FM Transmitter can not cover 10miles.If 10miles, we suggest you to buy our 80W FM transmitter.Buy the 80w fm transmitter and antenna, you can build your own radio station for 10miles
oscar davi(187.142.37.*) Post:2012/6/7 10:51:13
tell me what the part number of transistor and it is very difficult to get the transistor
Reply to:hi, the transistor part number is RD30HVF1we have the RD30HVF1 transistorDo you need the 30w fm transmitter or the RD30HVF1 ?
Levi(121.33.102.*) Post:2011/9/16 23:54:56
It can broadcast about 18KM
Reply to:if the antenna and enviroment is flat , it can

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