O JUELOS(187.142.37.*) Post:2012/6/6 9:28:51
quiero saber que numero de parte es el transistor rf 0-30W V2.0 FSN-301 PLL Professional FM transmitter
Reply to:El transistor de RF de este transmisor es RD30HVF1
jerry(72.226.108.*) Post:2012/6/4 6:28:40
im sorry i misread the listing.i thought it was for 1O WATTS.do you have a 10 watt unit? thank you
Reply to:YES, we have 10 watts fm transmitter, the model number is CZH-10A , you can search in our website
junu(59.103.24.*) Post:2012/4/16 13:28:29
ur supplayer in pakistan
Reply to:YES, we can send the products to pakistan with DHLYou can receive within 7days

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