BH1415 5W Digital LCD FM Transmitter PCB Kit Suite   There are 10 leave their questions
Fernando(177.134.88.*) Post:2013/8/14 9:57:43
hello guys send to Brazil? what value?attFernando
Reply to:yes, we can send to brazil , the price is 50USD including shipping cost
Mic(203.215.121.*) Post:2013/5/25 3:43:20
Is this kit still available? If Yes, please give me the full details on how to buy it and pay through western union. Please kindly send it to my email the details that I needed as soon as possible. Thanks
Reply to:yes, it is still available, the total is 54USD, please pay to western union : First name: QuanLast name : LiCountry: ChinaCity: Guangzhou
Felipe(177.80.110.*) Post:2012/12/21 6:40:21
I see on datasheet that this IC and amplifier can work from 75-120mhz... You can provide the code on microcontroler or perhaps change the code to work with all possible frequencies?
Reply to:no, we can not , it can only work at 87mhz to 108mhz
will(190.242.37.*) Post:2012/11/14 5:43:51
quiero adquirir este kit completo como hago para comprarlo, estoy en COLOMBIA BOGOTA?
Reply to:OK, no problem
Felipe(200.62.112.*) Post:2012/7/7 5:16:02
I have questions about shipping to Nicaragua and payment. Plz contact me via email..
Reply to:we can send this product to you with post airmail, I will email to you about the details
ahtsham(182.187.96.*) Post:2011/12/30 8:54:15
sir i want to buy this packige were are you
Reply to:ok, no problem

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