Mandy(186.65.88.*) Post:2014/2/23 10:52:47
I want to buy your FM Yagi Three Bay Directional antenna but the shipping charge seems very high to send to Belize Central America by china post.
Reply to:because the antenna is too long , so it can not sent by china post
Mandy(186.65.88.*) Post:2014/2/23 10:50:40
I want to buy your FM Directional Yagi Three Bay Radio Antenna but the shipping cost seems very high to send to Belize Central America
Reply to:Because the antenna is very long and big, so the shipping cost is higher
Mandy(186.65.88.*) Post:2014/2/21 7:27:38
Please tell me what it will cost me to get a yagi 300watt fm broadband antenna airmail by chinapost to : Finca Solana, Corozal Town Belize, Central America.Am also interested in a 300watt transmitterMy name is Armando Alvarez
Reply to:Thi Yagi antenna can not support a 300w trasmitter , it max power handle is 150wattAnd a the yagi antenna is very long, so it can not send the airmail,Send email to me at, you can tell me the details of your request

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