manuel(200.120.219.*) Post:2013/1/21 15:28:56
Holales escribo desde Chile, estoy interesado en ser su distribuidor para mi pais.
Reply to:YES, you can be our dealer in your country Chile
Edgar Madr(190.149.68.*) Post:2012/11/13 19:34:42
I need to know aboput the price of the 150 Watt FM Transmitter, to be sent to Kongo,Africa for a Christian Mission.
Reply to:The total cost is 1075USD including DHL shipping cost to Kongo,Africa
mpimlac(190.176.201.*) Post:2012/8/24 8:01:03
me pueden indicar algun punto de venta de sus productos en argentina.muchas gracias.atte. marcelo calvo
Reply to:¡muchas gracias¿Quieres ser nuestro distribuidor en Argentina?
jassi(173.74.72.*) Post:2012/8/12 14:05:52
how many kilometers range for this one. Can you ship to india
Reply to:Hi my friend,This 150W FM Transmitter can cover about 30KMYES, we can ship to India

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